Round-Up of Immigration Related Legislation (Jan-Feb 2010)

The following immigration-related bills were introduced into the House of Representatives and the Senate in January and February:

Employment Benefit Act (H.R. 4259)

Introduced by Rep. Polis (D-CO) on 12/10/2009
Summary: To facilitate foreign investment by permanently reauthorizing the EB-5 regional center program, and for other purposes.

Fairness for American Students Act (H.R. 4548)

Introduced by Rep. Tiahrt (R-KS) on 1/27/2010
Summary: Amends the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 to make illegal aliens ineligible for any postsecondary education benefit that results from their residence within a state or political subdivision unless every citizen and national of this country is entitled to such benefit regardless of their place of residence or the location of the school from which they graduated. Allows any U.S. citizen or national that is enrolled in a postsecondary school to commence a civil action against a school or state education official to enforce their compliance with this Act's requirement and obtain appropriate relief, including the in-state tuition rate. Prohibits federal agencies from providing financial assistance to postsecondary schools that provide benefits to illegal aliens in contravention of this Act.

Safe Treatment, Avoiding Needless Deaths, and Abuse Reduction in the Detention System (Strong STANDARDS) Act (H.R. 4470)

Introduced by Rep. Watson (D-CA) on 1/19/2010
Summary: Safe Treatment, Avoiding Needless Deaths, and Abuse Reduction in the Detention System Act or the Strong STANDARDS Act - Directs the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) to: (1) ensure that all individuals subject to detention under the Immigration and Nationality Act (detainees) are treated humanely and granted specified protections; and (2) comply with minimum requirements concerning detainees set forth in this Act. Requires the Secretary to appoint and convene an Immigration Detention Commission to conduct independent investigations of detention facility and DHS compliance with requirements under this Act. Establishes reporting requirements concerning any individual who dies while in DHS custody.

Criminal Penalties for Unauthorized Employment Act of 2010 (H.R. 4627)

Introduced by Rep. Kratovil (D-MD) on 2/22/2010
Summary: To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to impose new penalties for the knowing unlawful employment of aliens, and for other purposes.

Note: Each week hundreds of bills are introduced into the House and Senate, and the likelihood of any particular bill moving is usually very small. The bills posted on this page represent all immigration-related legislation introduced this week, not legislation AILA believes is important or likely to succeed.

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