Round-Up of Immigration Related Legislation (January 2011)

The following immigration-related bills were introduced into the House of Representatives and the Senate in January 2011:

House Bills

H.R. 43
Introduced by Rep. Issa (R-CA) on 1/5/11
Summary: would eliminate the diversity immigrant program and to re-allocated those visas to certain employment-based immigrants who obtain an advanced degree in the U.S.

Criminal Alien Accountability Act (H.R. 45)
Introduced by Rep. Issa (R-CA) on 1/5/11
Summary: would amend Section 276 of the INA to impose mandatory sentencing ranges with respect to aliens who reenter the United States after having been removed.

Fallen Heroes Family Act of 2011 (H.R. 46)
Introduced by Rep. Issa (R-CA) on 1/5/11
Summary: would amend the INA to provide for nonimmigrant status for an alien who is the parent or legal guardian of a U.S. citizen child if the child was born abroad and is the child of a deceased member of the Armed Forces of the United States.

American Child Support Enforcement Immigration Act of 2011 (H.R. 89)
Introduced by Rep. Bartlett (R-MD) on 1/5/11
Summary: would prohibit the DHS Secretary from approving a family-based immigration petition or fiance/fiancee nonimmigrant petition by a petitioner certified by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) as owing child support arrearages.

Illegal Immigration Enforcement and Social Security Protection Act of 2011 (H.R. 98)
Introduced by Rep. Dreier (D-CA) on 1/5/11
Summary: would require inclusion of encrypted machine-readable electronic identification strips on Social Security cards.

CLEAR Act of 2011 (H.R. 100)
Introduced by Rep. Blackburn (R-TN) on 1/5/11
Summary: would provide for enhanced federal, state, and local assistance in the enforcement of the immigration laws, to amend the INA, to authorize appropriations to carry out the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program.

Photo Identification Security Act (H.R. 102)
Introduced by Rep. Blackburn (R-TN) on 1/5/11
Summary: would restricts the forms of individual identification that may be accepted by the federal government or by financial institutions to the following: (1) a Social Security card accompanied by a photo identification card issued by the federal or a state government; (2) a driver's license or identification card issued by a state that is in compliance with the REAL ID Act of 2005; (3) a passport issued by the United States or a foreign government.

People Resolved to Obtain an Understanding of Democracy (PROUD) Act (H.R. 218)
Introduced by Rep. Baca (D-CA) on 1/7/11
Summary: would amend the INA to provide for the naturalization of certain graduates of U.S. high schools who are under 25 years of age on the date of application for naturalization.

Traffic Stops Along the Border Statistics Study Act of 2011 (H.R. 228)
Introduced by Rep. Jackson Lee on 1/7/11
Summary: would directs the Attorney General to: (1) conduct a nationwide study of stops for traffic violations by law enforcement officers; (2) perform an initial analysis of existing data, including complaints alleging and information concerning traffic stops motivated by race and other bias; and (3) gather specified data from a nationwide sample of jurisdictions, including the traffic infraction alleged to have been committed that led to the stop, identifying characteristics of the driver stopped, whether immigration status was questioned, and whether any warning or citation was issued as a result of the stop.

H.R. 250
Introduced by Rep. Serrano (D-NY) on 1/7/11
Summary: would provide discretionary authority to an immigration judge to determine that an alien parent of a United States citizen child should not be ordered removed, deported, or excluded from the United States.

Secure the Capitol Act (H.R.280)
Introduced by Rep. Gallegly (R-CA) on 1/12/11
Summary: would prohibit offices of the legislative branch from entering into a contract for the provision of goods or services within the Capitol Complex with any contractor who does not participate in the E-Verify Program for employment eligibility verification.

Introduced by Rep. Gallegly (R-CA) on 1/12/11
Summary: would require Federal contractors to participate in the E-Verify Program for employment eligibility verification.

Pakistani Temporary Protected Status Act of 2011 (H.R. 285)
Introduced by Rep. Green (D-TX) on 1/12/11
Summary: would express the sense of Congress that the extraordinary and temporary conditions caused by flooding in Pakistan qualifies Pakistan for designation under the Immigration and Nationality Act pursuant to which its nationals would be eligible for temporary protected status (TPS) in the United States.

Securing the Homeland Through Agency Reporting Enhancement Act (H.R. 312)
Introduced by Rep. Myrick (R-NC) on 1/18/11
Summary: would establish procedures for the issuance by the Commissioner of Social Security of "no match" letters to employers, and for the notification of the Secretary of Homeland Security regarding such letters.

H.R. 398
Introduced by Rep. Lofgren (D-CA) on 1/24/11
Summary: would amend the INA to toll, during active duty service abroad in the Armed Forces, the periods of time to file a petition and appear for an interview to remove the conditional basis for permanent resident status.

Stopping Trained in America Ph.D.s From Leaving the Economy (STAPLE) Act of 2011 (H.R. 399)
Introduced by Rep Flake (R-AZ) on 1/24/11
Summary: would amend the INA to authorize certain aliens who have earned a Ph.D. degree from a United States institution of higher education in a field of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics to be admitted for permanent residence and to be exempted from the numerical limitations on H-1B non-immigrants.

H.R. 410
Introduced by Rep. Sanchez (D-CA) on 1/24/11
Summary: would amend the INA to provide for compensation to states incarcerating undocumented aliens charged with a felony or two or more misdemeanors.

Triple E-VICT Act (H.R. 483)
Introduced by Rep. DeFazio (D-OR) on 1/26/11
Summary: would create an electronic employment eligibility verification system to ensure that all workers in the United States are legally able to work.

Senate Bills

Reform America's Broken Immigration System Act (S. 6)
Introduced by Sen. Reid (D-NV) on 1/25/11
Summary: would reform America's broken immigration system.

Introduced by Sen. Vitter (R-LA) on 1/25/11
Summary: would close the loophole that allowed the 9/11 hijackers to obtain credit cards from United States banks that financed their terrorist activities, to ensure that illegal immigrants cannot obtain credit cards to evade United States immigration laws.

S. 169
Introduced by Sen. Vitter (R-LA) on 1/25/11
Summary: would prohibit appropriated funds from being used in contravention of section 642(a) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.

S. 226
Introduced by Sen. Grassley (R-IA) on 1/31/11
Summary: would clarify that the revocation of an alien's visa or other documentation is not subject to judicial review.

Note: Each week hundreds of bills are introduced into the House and Senate, and the likelihood of any particular bill moving is usually very small. The bills posted on this page represent all immigration-related legislation introduced this week, not legislation AILA believes is important or likely to succeed.

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