There’s an App for That… (Part II)


We just couldn't get enough, so here are some more of our favorite smartphone and tablet apps that help make practicing law a little bit easier.

1Password - With all the log-ins required to enter in almost every website, it's no wonder that most people just end up using the same username and password for every site. But choosing convenience over security only invites hackers to steal valuable information, including your bank account numbers. So, if you need to remember only one password, then remember your Master Password on your 1Password app. This app holds all your web usernames and passwords including licenses, credit card numbers, software serial numbers, etc. and allows you to store data you want to keep secure. (Available in the App Store and on Google Play)

Flipboard - (Flipboard, Inc. - News / RSS). Flipboard is an integrated news reader, social media client and content browser that presents online articles like a glossy magazine instead of a list of links. You literally flip through "pages" of content. Flipboard allows you to customize your streams from your favorite websites, writers or magazines (e.g. Wired, Bon Appetite, Robert Scoble, CNet, Public Radio International), curated content channels (e.g., Gaming, Politics, Finance, Art, Fashion, Shopping), Google Reader or from your favorite social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr). Interact with articles of interest by retweeting, posting to Facebook, saving to Pocket (formerly ReadItLater) or e-mailing it to others directly from the app. I find the magazine metaphor great for casual browsing of content. Best of all, Flipboard is free. (Available in the App Store and on Google Play)

GateGuru - This free app tells you which food, shops or services are available at different concourses at all major airports. If you have a layover, you can use this app while your plane is taxiing to the gate to determine what is available near the gate where you are landing and near the gate where you will take off so that you can be efficient and choose the best place to eat, shop, etc. It even includes users reviews and pictures. (Available in the App Store and on Google Play)

PDF Expert - (Readdle, Inc. - PDF Annotation). This PDF viewing and annotation tool gets my vote for the easiest to use and most functional app in its class. While some PDF annotation apps boast more features, those powers are buried behind clunky interfaces. Use PDF Expert to make all the typical annotation marks (highlighting, underline, strikethrough, sticky notes, freehand notes) and those annotations are fully compatible with any modern desktop PDF application. PDF Expert can be used to fill in PDF forms as well. A simple interface makes file management easy. Access your documents from the cloud or mount your iPad as a drive on your local network for bulk file transfer. Organize documents in folders and even compress multiple files into a zip file for easy emailing for the app. Note that PDF Expert for the iPhone is NOT an annotation tool, only a viewer. PDF Expert for the iPad is $4.99.

Whatsapp Messenger - The one great thing about having a Blackberry was that you could communicate with all other Blackberry users, through BBM - no matter where they were in the world -for free. Enter WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp is a cross-platform smartphone app that uses either data allowance or a wifi-network and lets users send messages and pictures to each other for free, no matter where they are in the world. While most people have heard and/or have purchased it, the value WhatsApp has that regular text messages don't is that this app is available in every platform, you can easily communicate with other users (in this case clients) that are in different countries and finally -my favorite reason - you can check if the person you sent the message to has actually received and seen your message (in a non-stalkerish way of course). (Available in the App Store and on Google Play)

Want more apps? Then join us at Annual Conference on Friday, June 28th for the Law Practice Lunch Session for Apps to Make Your Practice a Living Bliss!

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