#MyImmigrantHistory Campaign

On October 10, 2018, USCIS published the proposed rule "Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds." The rule would penalize those who might use public benefits, making it much harder for them to apply for legal immigration status in the United States.

In response, AILA is engaging in a #MyImmigrantHistory storytelling campaign to share how immigrants have contributed to our country and to the success of future generations. Our hope is that sharing these stories will challenge the rationale of such a rule with the stories of real people. Here is how you can join the campaign:

  1. Share your own family's immigration story on social media with the hashtag, #MyImmigrantHistory. How and why did your ancestors come the United States? What sacrifices did they have to make? How did they contribute to our country? Don't forget to tag @AILANational if you share on Twitter, so we can retweet you!
  2. Encourage your friends and family to participate in the campaign.
  3. Submit your story on your immigration roots to AILA (please keep to 250 words or less). You can visit the #MyImmigrantHistory story page for examples.

Note that these stories, summarized or whole, may be shared on AILA's social media channels and incorporated into content AILA develops, such as videos and blog posts.

Please submit your #MyImmigrantHistory story below (limit 250 words). If you are able, please also attach some photos of your ancestors -- ideally, a photo of you holding the photo of your ancestor.

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