Paralegal Benefits

AILA is pleased to offer resources geared toward paralegals and other support staff, as we know that knowledgeable support staff are an essential part of our members’ practices. Verified AILA member paralegal accounts are intended to allow AILA member paralegals access to AILA research tools and educational opportunities, often free or at a discounted rate. These accounts are intended for any type of support staff that provide legal support to a supervising AILA member attorney.

Note: AILA does not currently offer any designation or certification for paralegals, and AILA member paralegals are expressly prohibited from advertising otherwise. In addition, paralegal accounts are not intended for attorneys.

AILA University's self-paced Paralegals Online Course combines a focus on immigration law with lessons on crucial paralegal practice skills: legal research, ethics and professionalism, and client service. Each module includes texts, videos, and multiple-choice quizzes, ensuring mastery of the material covered. Modules cover the basics of immigration law and the paralegal's role, as well as substantive topics covering each area of immigration law. Participants will also receive a certificate of completion.

It is a great complement to AILA's Toolbox for Immigration Paralegals, a downloadable resource with step-by-step guides for various case types, instructions for completing forms, samples, and indications of when to seek an attorney's input.

Make sure that your paralegal is a verified AILA member paralegal by signing up on!

Also, make sure your paralegal has created an account on to make registration for the course easy and to gain access to AILA Paralegal's portal, which will provide him or her with some of the same benefits you enjoy, including access to AILA's InfoNet Research Library, AILA8, the AILA Message Center, and more.

To Create a Paralegal Account*:

  1. Go to, and click on "Create an Account" in the grey box at the top of the page (make sure you are not currently logged in).
  2. You will get a confirmation email with an activation link.
  3. Under "Person Type," choose "Member's Paralegal". (choose this option even if you have a different title or other support staff role, such as legal assistant)
  4. Where indicated, enter your supervising attorney's member number and last name**.
  5. Your supervising attorney will receive an email asking to confirm that you are his/her/their paralegal/support staff and that they will not share their own login with you.
  6. Once your supervising attorney confirms, you're ready to log in!

*Support staff will be required to renew their access annually, and attorneys are not permitted to register as Paralegals.

**Last name must exactly match what's listed in our database

Equip your paralegals and other support staff with these popular resources to help them provide you with the all-star assistance you need.

AILA Paralegals Online Course

AILA Paralegals Online Course

This self-paced online course provides over 20 hours of content for beginner-to-intermediate paralegals in 11 modules, combining a focus on the law itself as well as paralegal practice skills. The course includes immigration law content related to humanitarian and asylum issues, family, business, adjustment of status and consular processing, removal and relief, and naturalization and citizenship. It also features three modules which involve skills that are crucial to immigration paralegal performance: research skills, ethics and professionalism, and client service.

AILA's Toolbox for Immigration Paralegals, 2020 Ed. (Downloadable)

AILA's Toolbox for Immigration Paralegals

This helpful reference tool provides the background necessary for paralegals to understand the cases they are working on, with the focus on the procedures paralegals must master to be highly effective in their work. For each case type, the Toolbox provides a step-by-step guide to the procedures involved in preparing and filing the forms and necessary documents. Detailed form-filling instructions and sample supporting documents are included, with indications of when the attorney’s input should be sought.