Shareable Graphics Championing Family-Based Immigration

AILA posted a new piece on Think Immigration, by AILA Associate Director of Government Relations Diane Rish, who describes the reality of the family-based immigration system, dismantles the attacks against it and the pejorative term "chain migration," and explains why family-based immigration as a cornerstone of our country's history must be protected. We'd love for you to share this piece on social media and have created sample tweets below.

We have also created shareable graphics to lift up the importance of family-based immigration as part of our #AILAStandsWithImmigrants campaign.


Download and Share Graphic #1

Download and Share Graphic #2

Download and Share Graphic #3

Thank you in advance for lifting up this vital part of America's immigration past and the need to protect it, now and in the future.

Sample Tweets

  • Our country and our communities have reaped the extensive benefits of our family-based #immigration policies for decades. @AILANational's blog shares why it must be protected. #AILAStandsWithImmigrants
  • US history is full of success stories that began through the family-based #immigration system. Let's not end that success now. #AILAStandsWithImmigrants via @AILANational
  • .@AILANational blog: The inaccuracies being perpetuated by the Trump administration about the family-based #immigration system are thinly veiled attacks on the legal immigration system. #AILAStandsWithImmigrants

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