Take Action Tuesday: Participate in AILA’s August Campaign

This week, AILA Chapters and members across the country will meet with their legislators to ensure Congress holds USCIS accountable to its service-oriented mission as envisioned by Congress and protects the integrity and independence of the immigration court system.

Among the most dramatic changes is USCIS's new policy on NTAs, which will result in thousands more people being referred for removal, including people who entered lawfully and followed all the rules. AILA is calling for the rescission of this and other harmful policy memos that are turning the service and benefits arm of DHS into another enforcement agency.

AILA is also urging Congress to separate EOIR from the Department of Justice by creating an Article I court system-a position AILA's Board of Governor's adopted this year as it has become increasingly evident that immigration judges can never be truly independent as long as they remain under the thumb of DOJ.

AILA members can take action by:

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 18081734.