Upcoming Web and Audio Seminars

Check out AILA's upcoming web and audio seminars. Get your CLE requirements from the convenience of your desk. Included with registration, participants in the live seminar will receive a free downloadable recording of the seminar. Topics vary widely, so find a seminar that fits your schedule!

  • Admissibility, Revocation, and Public Health: "Risky" Business
    Audio Seminar on May 21, 2019
    Visa revocation historically has not been common for employment-based visas: once a visa is secured, the employee's status is merely monitored. Recently, however, U.S. consulates have revoked visas when an individual is charged (not convicted) with a DUI, claiming that the individual poses a risk to public safety as a potential habitual drunkard. The panelists will examine the public health admissibility issue, attempt to predict what other conduct public health inadmissibility might be expanded to include, and consider ways to protect and advocate for your client.
  • Dealing with Suspected Marriage Fraud and Preparing Your Clients
    Audio Seminar on May 30, 2019
    How do you prepare clients for when investigators show up at their door asking probing questions about their marriage? Our panel of experts will address how to advise clients facing a possible marriage fraud investigation, including how to respond to investigator questions and requests for sworn statements. They also will address how to respond to Notices of Intent to Deny (NOIDs) and discuss potential avenues for ending a prolonged investigation.
  • Maintaining Permanent Residence While Abroad: Keep Your Options Open
    Web Seminar on June 4, 2019
    After waiting years to obtain the coveted status of lawful permanent resident, many foreign nationals have questions about moving overseas. Our panel of experts will discuss reentry permits, N-470s, the returning resident visa (SB-1), maintenance of ties and eligibility for naturalization, abandonment and relinquishment of permanent resident status, and nonimmigrant intent.
  • Foreign Students Not Picked in the H-1B Lottery: Options and Strategies
    Web Seminar on July 9, 2019
    Every year, foreign students work closely with employers to prepare their H-1B petitions, then await the H-1B lottery results. Our panel of experts will discuss options for foreign students who are not chosen in the H-1B lottery, as well as strategies on how to stay in status while waiting for the results. They also will delve into the January 2019 H-1B Final Rule reversing the selection order and adding the electronic registration requirement, and address how to prepare for advising foreign students for the next H-1B Cap season.

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