Call for Examples: IJs Denying Continuances and EOIR Fast Tracking Cases

AILA and the American Immigration Council are seeking case examples that highlight the real-world impacts of EOIR's new policy changes. Several of these policy changes have resulted in (1) immigration judges (IJs) denying respondents' requests for continuances to obtain an attorney and attorney requests for attorney preparation; (2) hearings being scheduled in a compressed timeline; and (3) EOIR advancing immigration merits trial dates with no notice or very little notice to attorneys and/or respondents.

Please fill out this survey if you have experienced any of these issues.

AILA and the Council's goal is to utilize these case examples to elevate awareness of the harmfulness of EOIR's policies and to advocate for Congressional oversight of EOIR and immigration court reform. AILA and the Council, and together through the Immigration Justice Campaign, intend on lifting up these examples in a variety of ways, including through inclusion in reports, in social media, op-eds, sharing with members of Congress, and the media.

We will not use your information, or your client's confidential information, without your prior written consent.

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