Call for Examples: Sympathetic Stories Highlighting Negative Impact of USCIS Furloughs

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has requested a $1.2 billion bailout from Congress to address an alleged budget shortfall. Without congressional funding, USCIS claims that it will not have sufficient funds to maintain its operations through the first quarter of FY2021. However, the agency is now projecting to end the fiscal year with a sizeable carryover balance, yet it may still furlough more than 13,000 USCIS employees on August 30. These furloughs will result in the loss of employment for thousands of U.S. workers in the middle of a global pandemic and bring our nation’s immigration system to a grinding halt.

To further AILA’s advocacy efforts before Congress and the press, AILA is seeking sympathetic stories of foreign nationals or U.S. businesses who would be negatively impacted if the furlough of over 13,000 USCIS employees comes to fruition on August 30, 2020. While all sympathetic stories are welcome, in particular, AILA is seeking sympathetic case examples involving the following factors:

  • Sympathetic stories of individuals or businesses based in battleground states, such as Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin;
  • Naturalization applicants who have completed most steps of the process but are now just waiting for the naturalization interview or to complete the oath ceremony and may not be able to vote in November; and
  • Healthcare facilities providing patient care related to COVID-19.

To submit a case example, please complete the survey below. If you have questions or experience technical issues, please send an email to, subject line "USCIS Budget Crisis."

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