Call for Examples: USCIS Rejection or Denials of All Form Types for Alleged Incompleteness

As we continue to receive reports of rejections for alleged incompleteness from AILA members, AILA National continues to monitor this trend to further develop congressional and media outreach, administrative advocacy, as well as to develop practice resources for members. We request examples of cases filed after January 1, 2020, only. If you have already provided an example through a similar call for examples, please do not resubmit.

What we look for in submitted examples:

  1. Was your case rejected due to alleged incompleteness (e.g. left a section blank, did not place “N/A,” “none,” or other acceptable wording by USICS)?
  2. Was your case rejected because a section was left blank due to the section not being relevant to the case and instructions state the section should be left blank?
  3. Was your case rejected for alleged incompleteness and the rejection notice points to a section that was, in fact, completed correctly?

*Please note that submitting your case example will not translate to liaison assistance. If you need individual case liaison assistance, you may submit an inquiry here.

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