Practice Alert: Improperly Delivered Secure Identity Documents and Original Notices

AILA has recently received numerous reports from members that USCIS has been improperly delivering secure identity documents (Permanent Resident Cards, Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) and/or Advance Parole Travel Documents (APs)) and original notices directly to the applicant/petitioner/beneficiary instead of the attorney of record, despite the selection of the appropriate field boxes on page 3, part 4 of the Form G-28 requesting USCIS to send any original notices and secure identity documents to the attorney of record.

AILA’s NBC and SCOPS Liaison Committees circulated a Call for Examples on this issue among AILA members in November 2019. After gathering, reviewing, and vetting a sampling of case examples, AILA has recently escalated this problematic trend to USCIS and has requested that USCIS review and resolve the issue so that secure identity documents and original notices are properly sent to the attorney of record when designated on the Form G-28. AILA will update this practice alert as soon as it receives any further updates on this issue from USCIS.

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 20010737.