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Featured Issue: Border

The past decade has been marked by a dramatic buildup of border security and the expenditure of enormous resources on border personnel, border infrastructure and surveillance. Nonetheless, lawmakers continue to emphasize resource-heavy approaches that are premised on a strategy of making the border impenetrable, or nearly so. But, the border is more secure than ever before. Border apprehensions are at the lowest point in four decades, and the unauthorized population has fallen by eight percent since 2006.

This is the time to identify clear and reasonable border security goals that move beyond strategies focused solely on increasing spending at the Southern border. An effective border security plan must be based on performance metrics and measurable standards of border safety that are both achievable and fiscally responsible.

Apprehension and Removal Information

CRCL Complaint on CBP's Systemic Denial of Entry to Asylum Seekers

CBP Body Worn Camera Feasibility Study

Operation Streamline

On 2/10/15, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs passed a resolution that would reserve Operation Streamline (S. Res. 104). The resolution was introduced by Senator Flake (R-AZ) in March 2015.

Border Security - AILA's Position and Pending Legislation

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