Selected News Clips on Family Detention Pro Bono Efforts

As of December 29, 2016, there have been hundreds of articles about pro bono efforts in Artesia, Dilley, and elsewhere - many of which salute the work of the AILA volunteers helping fight for detained women and children. Some selected clips are compiled below. It's amazing what our volunteers have done. Thank you!

(in reverse chronological order)

Media Highlights:

Austin American Statesman: In Texas, rhetoric vs. reality amid wave of Central Americans
By Sean Collins Walsh

Star Tribune (Minnesota, Opinion): Detaining mothers and kids in immigration detention centers is a national disgrace
By Kim Hunter and Brian Aust

Bloomberg: Obama Urged to Free Asylum-Seekers Before Trump Takes Office
By Lauren Etter

Washington Post: These are the people Donald Trump wants to keep out of the United States
By Nara Milanich

Arizona Republic: My Turn: What it's really like inside immigration 'baby jails'
By Sambo Dul

The News & Observer: Mother, child fled violence, only for US to return them to it
By Atenas Burrola

Texas Tribune: End mass incarceration of refugees in Texas
By Denise Gilman

Washington Post: Why the U.S. effort to stop Central Americans from surging across the border is failing
By Chico Harlan

Washington Post: Inside the administration's $1 billion deal to detain Central American asylum seekers
By Chico Harlan

The Hill: 'Expedited Removal' process as cold as ICE: Response to Jeh Johnson
By Lauren Gilbert

The Guardian: 'If you come back, we'll kill you': Central Americans seek refuge in US only to be sent home.

New York Times (Editorial): Mr. Obama's Dubious Detention Centers

The Hill: Don't target the vulnerable
By Ben Johnson

NBC News: Report: Some Central American Families Arrested Before They Could Seek Protection
By Griselda Nevarez

Vice: Immigration Raids Are Targeting People with Valid Asylum Claims, According to a New Report
By Ted Hesson

San Antonio Express-News: Court records: Families spend 12 days in South Texas detention centers before they're released
By Jason Buch

Vice: Deportation Raids Aren't Deterring Central American Families From Coming to the US
By Meredith Hoffman

Fusion: A trip to the small Texas town that's home to America's biggest immigrant detention center
By Tim Rogers

Charlotte Observer: In Texas, N.C. attorney finds 'jail' for immigrants
By Marty Rosenbluth

Huffington Post: How Volunteers Helped Families Trapped In Immigrant Detention Centers
By Elise Foley

New York Times: Dilley, Tex., Home to the Nation's Largest Immigration Detention Center
By Jake Naughton

Blackbox Collective: Welcome to Dilley San Antonio Express News: Shortened detention stays put immigration officials in bind
By Jason Buch

Washington Post: U.S. holding families in custody to keep others from crossing the border
By Pamela Constable

BuzzFeed: Undocumented Detainees Accuse U.S. Of Denying Access To Lawyers
By Adolfo Flores

Reuters: Exclusive: Immigrants arrested in U.S. raids say were misled on right to counsel
By Julia Edwards

The Nation: What's the Difference Between a Refugee and a Deportee? A Lawyer.

EFE: Lack of legal counsel leaves 100s of families set for deportation

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Seven immigrant families from Georgia freed from detention after raids By Jeremy Redmon

Washington Post: 'He forced me many times. I ran away, but he always found me again.'
By Pam Constable

Miami Herald: To the border: American lawyers take to road to help fleeing immigrants reach new home
By Alfonso Chardy

Columbus Dispatch: Raids in other states stir fear among immigrants in central Ohio
By Encarnacion Pyle

Fusion: Obama has deported more immigrants than any other president. Now he's running up the score.
By Tim Rogers

Houston Press: Why is it so easy for the Feds to Deport Women and Children Fleeing Violence at Home?
By Michael Barajas

Houston Chronicle: Deportations temporarily halted for some Central American families
By Lomi Kriel

McClatchy: Court blocks deportations of several Central American families
By Franco Ordonez

Associated Press: U.S. agents round up Central Americans slated for deportation
By Seth Robbins

McClatchy: 500-plus parents and children detained longer than allowed
By Franco Ordoñez

Los Angeles Times: Immigrant family detention centers are prison-like, critics say, despite order to improve
By Molly Hennessy-Fiske

Minnesota Star Tribune (Opinion): End the inhumane detention of refugee women and children
By Kara Lynum and Michelle Rivero

AlJazeera America: Fleeing violence, finding detention: One family's year in US lock-up
By E. Tammy Kim

Daily Beast: Prison Gets Rich Locking Up Preschoolers
By Betsy Woodruff

Associated Press: In EU and US, virulent immigration debate strains solidarity
By David Crary

Huffington Post: These Young Students And Lawyers Are Helping Women And Children Get Out Of Immigrant Detention
By Elise Foley

AP: 2 lawyers banned from detention center as dispute deepens
By Seth Robbins

The Washington Post (Letter to the Editor): America's deplorable detention policies
By Crystal Williams

The Hill (Opinion): What will it take for the Obama administration to budge on incarcerating mothers and children?
By Kim Hunter

NBC News: The Failed Experiment of Immigrant Family Detention
By Amanda Sakuma

Huffington Post: Critics See Chance To End Family Immigrant Detention Entirely
By Roque Planas, Elise Foley, and Dayana Morales Gomez

International Business Times: Immigration Reform 2015: ICE Violations In Texas Family Detention Centers For Undocumented Immigrants Alleged By Lawyers
By Brianna Lee

Los Angeles Times: Mother who fled Honduras 'to escape abuse, mistreatment' says 'it's the same' in U.S.
By Molly Hennessey-Fiske

Huffington Post: Family Immigrant Detention Ruling Already Having A 'Groundbreaking' Effect For Women And Children
By Roque Planas and Elise Foley

Fronteras: Advocates: ICE Violating Due Process During Family Detention Release
By Jude Joffe-Block

LA Times: Immigrants' attorneys say they were 'locked out' of detention centers after raising concerns
By Molly Hennessy-Fiske

Houston Chronicle: Judges order release of immigrant families in detention
By Jason Buch

Fusion: 'Drink more water': Horror stories from the medical ward of a Texas immigration detention center
By Cristina Costantini

AP: Immigrant Families Released Faster From Detention Centers

Houston Press: Hundreds of Detained Immigrant Kids in Texas Accidentally Given Overdose of Hepatitis A Vaccine
By Michael Barajas

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Ground zero in the immigration debate
By Jeremy Redmon

AP: Immigrant Children Given Adult Dose of Hepatitis A Vaccine
By Seth Robbins

New York Times (Editorial): Swift Release for Detained Migrants

Huffington Post: Infants And Toddlers Are Coming To The U.S. To Work, According To Border Patrol
By Elise Foley

Houston Chronicle: Lawyers come from afar to represent immigrant mothers
By Jason Buch

Associated Press: Complaint: Family Detention Can Lead to Psychological Harm
By Seth Robbins

U.S. News & World Report: Article: Clinton Criticizes Immigrant Detentions Under Obama
By Tierney Sneed

CCTN Live: Interview: U.S. Immigration Law Detail Causes Distress for Many

Audio File: Q&A with Media about Dilley Detention Center Opening

Huffington Post: Immigrant Mother Attempts Suicide At Family Detention Facility
By Elise Foley

McClatchy: Pregnant women among the locked up in migrant family detention
By Franco Ordoñez

Huffington Post: Backlash Against Mass Family Immigrant Detention Grows As Senate Democrats Pile On
By Elise Foley

Politico: Feds blocked volunteers from migrant detention center
By David Rogers

The Guardian: Child immigrant detainees: 'There's an overwhelming sadness among them'
By Ed Pilkington

Fort Worth Weekly: Asylum Seekers Detained
By Peter Gorman

San Antonio Express News: Asylum seekers still stranded in Dilley detention limbo
By Michelle Mendez

New York Times Magazine: A Federal Judge and a Hunger Strike Take on the Government's Immigrant Detention Facilities
By Wil Hylton

The Christian Century: Credible fears
By Amy Frykholm

New York Times Magazine: The Shame of America's Family Detention Camps
By Wil Hylton

C-SPAN 3: Legal Challenges to Immigration Detention

Huffington Post: Family Detention Center In Texas Is 'Utterly Unnecessary,' Says Immigration Attorney
By Roque Planas

Counter Punch: The Ongoing Fight Against Migrant Family Detentions
By Kent Paterson

Albuquerque Journal: ‘These are not the people’ we should detain
By Megan Jordi

Albuquerque Journal: Two-thirds of Artesia detainees have been released
By Lauren Villagran

Portland Press Herald: Maine Voices: Detention of immigrant women and children is not justified
By Amber Attalia and Laura Shaw

CNN: 'Unjust': Rights groups slam spread of facilities for immigrant families
By Nick Valencia

The Hill: Detaining families seeking asylum is just wrong
By Careen Shannon

Mother Jones: Inside Obama’s Family Deportation Mill
By Ian Gordon

Fronteras: Honduran Woman Wins Asylum Days Before Thanksgiving
By Monica Ortiz Uribe

Bangor Daily News: 'Most shocking thing was seeing toddlers, babies in jail': UMaine law students share their experience as volunteers at immigration detention center
By Judy Harrison

Fronteras: Attorney: Immigrant Transfers Out of Artesia Detention Center To Begin Immediately
By Monica Ortiz Uribe

NPR: Processing Immigrants Slows At Family Detention Center
By Emma Jacobs

The Hill (Opinion): Where have our values gone?
By Greg Chen

Atlanta Journal Constitution: ICE to close controversial immigration detention center in New Mexico
By Jeremy Redmon

Arizona Republic: Revisiting the immigration pipeline: Deported into danger
By Bob Ortega

The Cato Institute, October 27, 2014: The Government Is Denying Due Process to Thousands of Detained Asylum Seekers
By Alex Nowrasteh

The Associated Press, September 27, 2014: Hundreds of lawyers raise hands to help unaccompanied immigrant children, but training needed
By Amy Taxin

The Huffington Post, September 25, 2014: Honduran Mom Fleeing 'Horrific Acts Of Harm' Wins U.S. Asylum With Daughters
By Elise Foley

BuzzFeed, September 23, 2014: DHS Expansion Of Migrant Family Detention System Angers Activists
By John Stanton

CBS Denver, September 15, 2014: Denver Judges Will Hear Immigration Cases From New Mexico

The Columbus Dispatch, September 15, 2014: Dublin immigration lawyer tries to help detained families
By Encarnacion Pyle

Slate, September 12, 2014: Who Gets to Stay?
By Emily Bazelon

Arizona Daily Star, September 10, 2014: Temporary immigration detention center looking permanent
By Perla Trevizo

The New York Times, September 5, 2014: In Remote Detention Center, a Battle on Fast Deportations
By Julia Preston

The Daily Signal, August 26, 2014: Deportation Mill?: Salvadoran Mom, Son Get Day in Remote Immigration Court
By Josh Siegel

The New York Times (Editorial), August 25, 2014: Deported From the Middle of Nowhere

PBS News Hour, August 25, 2014: Immigration lawyer helps detainees in New Mexico know their rights

ABA Journal, August 22, 2014: Federal government sued over alleged due process violations at Artesia immigrant detention center
By Lorelei Laird

LA Times, August 21, 2014: Nearly 300 women, children deported from immigration detention centers
By Cindy Carcamo

National Catholic Reporter, August 19, 2014: Why are we detaining immigrant women and their children?
By Janet Gildea

LA Times, August 14, 2014: Child's detention despite citizenship reveals immigration case woes
By Cindy Carcamo

Vox, August 6, 2014: 9 ways detaining immigrant families is turning into a "shitshow"
By Dara Lind

The New York Times, August 5, 2014: As U.S. Speeds the Path to Deportation, Distress Fills New Family Detention Centers
By Julia Preston

Albuquerque Journal, July 31, 2014: Lawyers volunteer to aid Artesia detainees
By Lauren Villagran

Denver Post, July 27, 2014: Forces mobilize in Colorado to help unaccompanied immigrant children
By Nancy Lofholm

Texas Observer, July 23, 2014: At New Detention Facility It's 'Hurry Up and Deport' Central Americans
By Melissa del Bosque

Gulf News, July 15, 2014: US sends first planeload of mothers, children back to Honduras

Albuquerque Journal, July 11, 2014: Deportations from Artesia to start next week
By Lauren Villagran

LA Times, July 2, 2014: New flood of immigrants unsettles some U.S. towns
By Paloma Esquivel, Kate Linthicum, and Richard Simon

Associated Press, June 21, 2014: U.S. to Open Immigrant Family Detention Center in NM
By Alicia Caldwell

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