Daily Immigration News Clips – August 2, 2022

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on August 2, 2022.


Associated Press Supreme Court certifies ruling ending Trump border policy
By Eliot Spagat

News Nation White House defends construction on border wall
By Devan Markham

Bloomberg Law Immigration Backlogs Leave Venezuelans Without Good Work Options
By Andrew Kreighbaum

Reuters ‘VIP trips’ cost migrants their lives in Texas smuggling tragedy
By Daina Beth Solomon, Jackie Botts, Laura Gottesdiener

Fox News Cruz introduces resolution to commend Border Patrol agents falsely accused of whipping migrants
By Jessica Chasmar

Border Report Texas governor invites D.C., New York City mayors to border
By Sandra Sanchez

Medical News Today Displacement and health: 'The anti-immigrant rhetoric needs to stop'
By Katharine Lang

Fox News House Oversight GOP investigating DHS efforts to 'impede' agency watchdog probes related to southern border
By Brooke Singman

Washington Post (Op-Ed) The ticking time bomb still threatening the big climate deal
By Greg Sargent


Idaho Statesman Struggling to pay rising prices of produce? This group says immigration reform will help
By Rachel Spacek

WTVD Lawmakers introduce amendment to address 'documented dreamers' and immigration backlog
By Michael Perchick