Daily Immigration News Clips – August 31, 2022

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on August 31, 2022.


Ethnic Media Services Loss of 1.7 Million Immigrants Fuels U.S. Labor Shortages and Inflation
By Jenny Manrique

Cronkite News DACA déjà vu: Biden reaffirms, doesn’t expand, migrant protection program
By Tristan Richards

CNN Texas spends more than $12 million to bus migrants to Washington, DC, and New York
By Polo Sandoval, Andy Rose

Politico GOP’s busing of migrants stirs political debate over aid
By JC Whittington

Associated Press Containers are no hindrance for migrants on Arizona border
By Elliot Spagat

Border Reporter Migrant crisis on Southwest border will worsen, congressman says
By Julián Reséndiz

BuzzFeed News More Dogs Are Getting Separated From Their Immigrant Owners At The Border, So These Volunteers Were Jumping In To Reunite Them
By Adolfo Flores

Slate (Op-Ed) Joe Biden’s New DACA Rule Does Not Go Nearly Far Enough
By Jacob Hamburger, Stephen Yale-Loehr

USA Today (Op-Ed) My father was a poor immigrant who bet on America. Now, I'm a Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner.
By Alan Smolinisky


WUNC For veterans trying to help their Afghan allies come to the U.S., it's a slow, frustrating process
By Carson Frame

Ohio Capital Journal Poll: People across the spectrum support immigration rules to keep the food coming
By Marty Schladen

St. Louis Post-Dispatch St. Louis pushes US to send more refugees here. ‘We are ready.’
By Nassim Benchaabane

Sidney Daily News (Op-Ed) The time for serious policy approaches to employment-based immigration has come
By Dr. Tom Milligan