Daily Immigration News Clips – February 21, 2023

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on February 21, 2023.


NBC News Federal officials say more than 100 children worked in dangerous jobs for slaughterhouse cleaning firm
By Laura Strickler, Julia Ainsley

The Nation Asylum Seekers’ Arduous Journey Doesn’t End Once They Are in the United States
By Rabia Gursoy

The Hill Immigrant group threatens to sue over change to asylum policy
By Lauren Sforza

Law360 Judge Shake-Up In Texas Could Impede Forum Shopping
By Britain Eakin
Washington Post U.S. fines firm $1.5 million for hiring kids to clean meatpacking plants
By Lauren Kaori Gurley

NBC News Rights groups threaten to sue Biden administration over plan to block migrants with what groups call a Trump-era tactic
By Julia Ainsley

The Hill House Republicans turn southern border into second campus
By Emily Brooks

Vox A new Supreme Court decision leaves a Trump judge in charge of the Mexican border
By Ian Millhiser

Washington Times GOP says focus on border security will win Hispanic support
By Mica Soellner

Forbes (Op-Ed) USCIS Clarifies Occupations Eligible For H-1B Visas After Trump
By Stuart Anderson

MSNBC (Op-Ed) Title 42 case could soon leave Supreme Court, but not if Republicans get their way
By Jordan Rubin

Bloomberg (Op-Ed) Treat Mexico Like a Partner, Not a Wall
By Eduardo Porter

The Daily Beast (Op-Ed) Biden’s Plan to End the Border Crisis Is Already Working
By David J. Bier, Alex Nowrasteh


Minnesota Reformer As Minnesota legalizes marijuana, immigrants must be cautious
By Juventino Meza

New Jersey Monitor Private prison firm sues Governor Murphy in bid to continue housing ICE detainees
By Sophie Nieto-Munoz

Texas Tribune Texas border Republican accuses GOP of using immigration crisis for politics
By Matthew Choi

Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed) Column: Why is Biden recycling failed strategies to slow immigration?
By Jean Guerrero

San Antonio Report (Op-Ed) Immigrants aren’t the problem
By Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje

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