Daily Immigration News Clips – July 19, 2022

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on July 19, 2022.


Law360 Feds Streamline Special Immigrant Visas For Afghan Allies
By Alyssa Aquino

CNN Tens of thousands of Afghans applying for US visas still face major delays
By Jennifer Hansler, Kylie Atwood and Priscilla Alvarez

Reason Thousands of Lawsuits Have Been Filed Over Wait Times, Backlogs at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
By Eric Bazail-Eimil

The Hill LexisNexis under growing pressure to sever ties with ICE
By Chris Mills Rodrigo

Bloomberg Law STEM Immigration Measure Hits Dead End as Competition Hopes Dim
By Ellen M. Gilmer and Andrew Kreighbaum

NBC News DHS spent millions on cellphone data to track Americans and foreigners inside and outside U.S., ACLU report says
By Julia Ainsley

Border Report Migrants from Arizona, Texas crowding D.C. homeless shelters
By Tom Dempsey

Latino Rebels House Democrats to Introduce Immigration Registry Bill to Create Citizenship Pathway for Millions
By Pablo Manríquez


The Hill The ‘great replacement’ theory rejects history and reality
By Joseph Chamie

Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed) The long, deep reach of the U.S. Border Patrol
By Reece Jones

Univision Behind the photo
By Jorge Ramos


Dallas News Border crisis hobbles DACA progress in Congress, prolongs limbo for Dreamers
By Todd J. Gillman

KPBS 'You hit this glass ceiling': Undocumented US students returned to Mexico struggle to continue their college studies
By Max Rivlin-Nadler