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Daily Immigration News Clips – July 23, 2020

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on July 23, 2020.


Documented Potential USCIS Furloughs Will Make Immigration Come to a Grinding Halt
By Olivia Hefernan

Associated Press House OKs Repeal of Trump Travel Ban Decried as Anti-Muslim

The Hill House votes to repeal Trump travel ban

Politico House passes bill blocking Trump’s sweeping refugee, asylum bans

Vox House Democrats just passed a bill to repeal Trump’s travel bans
By Nicole Narea

Associated Press Judge Declines to Order Release of Detained Migrant Families

Associated Press AP Exclusive: Migrant Kids Held in US Hotels, Then Expelled

The Hill ICE contractor held 1-year-old migrants in hotels before deporting them: report

The Hill Groups ask Supreme Court to halt construction of Trump border wall
By John Kruzel

CNN Judge rejects plea to release immigrant families in detention due to Covid-19
By Priscilla Alvarez and Geneva Sands

Associated Press Court Challenge Ahead for Trump's District Drawing Order

Washington Post Lawmakers call for hearing, legislation to halt Trump directive on census count
By Tara Bahrampour

Sinclair Broadcasting House seats, electoral votes at risk as Trump tries to exclude undocumented immigrants
By Stephen Loiaconi

Washington Post Some in Texas fear Trump ban on undocumented immigrants in census is scare tactic to suppress count
By Arelis R. Hernández

Roll Call Trump immigrant memo may cast ‘long shadow’ over census
By Michael Macagnone

Slate Republicans Will Come to Regret Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Crusade

Vox The breathtaking unconstitutionality of Trump’s new census policy
By Ian Millhiser

Associated Press Trump Deploys More Federal Agents Under 'Law-And-Order' Push

Reuters Court Documents Reveal Secretive Federal Unit Deployed for 'Operation Diligent Valor' in Oregon

Washington Post Trump’s Portland crackdown is controversial. The man spearheading it might be doing so illegally.
By Aaron Blake

Newsweek New Class of Dreamers Get Scholarships, but Not DACA Status Under Trump
By Chantal da Silva

Associated Press Canadian Court Invalidates Asylum Agreement With the US

Reuters Canada Court Rules 'Safe Third Country' Pact With U.S. Invalid, Cites Detention Risk

New York Times Canadian Court Says Asylum Treaty With U.S. Is Unconstitutional
By Dan Bilefsky

Wall Street Journal Canadian Court Rules Pact With U.S. on Asylum Seekers Is Unconstitutional
By Kim Mackrael and Michelle Hackman

CNN Green card backlog due to budget issues at immigration agency
By Geneva Sands

CNN Fact check: Trump falsely suggests kids don't transmit coronavirus and that US case surge is due in part to protests and Mexican migration
By Daniel Dale, Tara Subramaniam, Marshall Cohen and Em Steck

Rolling Stone The Faces of Deportation

Washington Post Trump’s assault on election integrity forces question: What would happen if he refused to accept a loss?
By Elise Viebeck and Robert Costa

Washington Post Republican feuding this week represents broader reckoning over party’s future as Trump sinks in the polls
By Seung Min Kim and Rachael Bade

Washington Post Conservative media helps Trump perform ‘law and order’ in Portland, with risks for November
By Isaac Stanley-Becker

The Hill Trump campaign leans into Goya controversy in new Spanish ads

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump’s authoritarian crackdown is so bad that even some in the GOP are blasting it
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Opinion) Four years ago, Trump said he alone could fix things. What isn’t worse now?
By Karen Tumulty

The Atlantic (Opinion) Trump Is Determined to Split the Country in Two
By Ron Brownstein

Bloomberg (Opinion) Trump’s Immigration Strategy Is a Casualty of Covid-19
By Francis Wilkinson

Washington Post (Op-ed) Trump lied to the Supreme Court. His new census order proves it.
By Leah Litman

The Hill (Op-ed) US Citizenship and Immigration Services needs an infusion of funds to offset shortfall


Fox 61 Thousands of federal employees to be furloughed; Immigration into US to slow to a halt
By Brian Didlake II

LA Times (Op-ed) The Border Patrol’s brute power in Portland is the norm at the border
By Karl Jacoby