Daily Immigration News Clips – July 29, 2022

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on July 29, 2022.


Voice of America Biden Officials Planning New ID for Migrants
By Aline Barros

Buzzfeed News It Will Now Be Harder For Unaccompanied Immigrant Children To Languish In Government Custody
By Adolfo Flores

Associated Press Climate Migration Growing but not Fully Recognized by World
By Julie Watson

Border Report Migrants endure harsh life in Juarez as they wait for chance at asylum in U.S.
By Julian Resendiz

Associated Press US to fill border wall gaps at open area near Yuma, Arizon
By Anita Snow

Washington Post D.C. mayor asks for National Guard to help with Texas, Arizona migrants
By Antonio Olivo

Border Report Migrant shelter shut down over allegations of forced labor
By Julian Resendiz

The Hill DC mayor requests National Guard over migrants bussed to capital
By Julia Mueller

Washington Post Jan. 6 texts missing for Trump Homeland Security’s Wolf and Cuccinelli
By Carol D. Leonnig, Maria Sacchetti

Washington Post (Op-Ed) Immigrants looking for new lives are not a National Guard emergency
By Petula Dvorak

Reason (Op-Ed) 55% of America's Top Startups Were Founded by Immigrants. Why Won't Congress Let in More
By Fiona Harrigan


WFAE Record lawsuits challenge immigration application delays
By Kayla Young

Baltimore Brew Maryland lawmakers passed Dignity Not Detention to protect immigrants. So ICE detains them elsewhere
By Daniel Zawodny

Acadiana Advocate Biden files motion in appeal of Lafayette judge's order to preserve Trump immigration policy
By David Mamone

Dallas Morning News Border agents deny entry to migrants based on interviews lawyers say are fiction
By Dianne Solis

Texas Tribune Texas troopers are causing car chase fatalities and racially profiling drivers under Abbott’s border crackdown, complaint claims
By Jolie Mccullough

Idaho Mountain Express (Op-Ed) Local squabbling won’t fix broken immigration system
By Editorial Board