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Daily Immigration News Clips – July 7, 2020

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on July 7, 2020.


InsideHigherEd International Students Banned From Online-Only Instruction
By Emma Whitford

Associated Press New Rules: Foreign Pupils Must Leave US if Classes Go Online

Associated Press Appeals Court Deals 2nd Blow to Trump Asylum Policy

Reuters Die in Detention or at Home? U.S. Pandemic Forces Cruel Choice on Asylum Seekers

Reuters Trump Weighs Executive Orders on China, Manufacturing, Immigration, Aide Says

Reuters U.S. to Force Out Foreign Students Taking Classes Fully Online

New York Times Appeals Court Strikes Down Trump Administration’s Asylum Ban
By Miriam Jordan

Wall Street Journal New Rules Detail How Foreign Students Can—and Can’t—Take Classes at U.S. Colleges This Fall
By Michelle Korn

The Hill Trump expected to refile paperwork to end DACA this week
By Brett Samuels

The Hill Manufacturing group CEO points to effect limits on work visas has on businesses

CNN Federal appeals court blocks Trump administration rule limiting asylum claims by Central American migrants
By Priscilla Alvarez

CNN How Trump is using the pandemic to crack down on immigration
By Catherine E. Shoichet and Priscilla Alvarez

Politico White House teases executive orders on China, immigration and prescription drugs

Alternet ICE launches new ‘needlessly cruel’ rules against international students in the US
By Julia Conley

Associated Press GOP Worries Trump's Divisive June Imperils Senate Control

Associated Press 1 Ad, 3 Accents: How Democrats Aim to Win Latino Votes

USA Today Supreme Court rules presidential electors can be forced to uphold popular vote
By Richard Wolf

Washington Post Mexican president’s visit to Trump draws questions, criticism in both countries
By Mary Beth Sheridan and Kevin Sieff

Associated Press Trump Donors Among Early Recipients of Coronavirus Loans

Associated Press Latino, Black Neighborhoods Struggle With Test Disparities

New York Times A Woman Without a Country: Adopted at Birth and Deportable at 30
By Miriam Jordan

Wall Street Journal Recession Led by Services Sector Is Particularly Painful for Latino Workers
By Harriet Torry

The Hill House spending bill bars military construction funding for border wall
By Rebecca Kheel

Business Insider Katie Miller — wife of immigration hardliner Stephen Miller — said she was sent to visit child detention centers to become more compassionate 'but it didn't work,' new book says
By Tom Porter

Washington Post (Editorial) Trump plumbed new depths of depravity this Fourth of July

Forbes (Opinion) Trump Speeds Up Plans To Force Foreign Students, Others Out Of U.S.
By Stuart Anderson

New York Times (Opinion) Maybe This Isn’t Such a Good Time to Prosecute a Culture War
By Jamelle Bouie

Washington Post (Opinion) Four more years? Four more months will be hard enough.
By Karen Tumulty

Washington Post (Opinion) The game’s in the fourth quarter, and Trump can barely get a first down
By Donna F. Edwards

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump’s immoral campaign is also incoherent
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion) Even whites — except the right-wing media profiteers — are abandoning Trump
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump’s awful new reelection strategy makes a powerful case against him
By Greg Sargent

The Hill (Op-ed) Biden benefits from an enthusiasm gap, not the other way around
By Jessica Tarlov

Washington Monthly (Op-ed) How the GOP Built a Loyal Hispanic Base
By Cecilia Munoz


Arizona Central ICE: International students must leave the U.S. if universities only offer online classes this fall
By Daniel Gonzalez

Associated Press (Arkansas) Trump’s leadership is tested in time of fear, pandemic

New York Times (New Jersey) How You Get Your Berries: Migrant Workers Who Fear Virus, but Toil On
By Tracey Tully

Washington Post (Delaware) ‘Are you ready to go back?’ After covid-19, a poultry worker fears a return to work.
By Michael Miller (Tennessee) Blackburn, Loeffler Introduce Bill To End "Birth Tourism" And Fight Immigration Fraud