Daily Immigration News Clips – March 10, 2023

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on March 10, 2023.


Bloomberg US Visa Hurdles Push More Companies to Relocate Foreign Talent
By Andrew Kreighbaum

CNN Biden and Trudeau tiptoe around immigration tensions on the northern border
By Priscilla Alvarez

Spectrum New York 1 House Dems seek to update immigration law, create path to legal status
By Cassie Semyon, David Mendez

Law360 Biden Warned Of Psychological Dangers Of Detaining Families
By Micah Danney

Slate Why Child Labor Is Still Happening in the U.S.
By Mary Harris

Washington Post U.S. deploys powerful scanners at border to fight fentanyl smuggling
By Nick Miroff

The Washington Times DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says he needs more money to handle border
By Stephen Dinan

Washington Post Mexico rebukes GOP push to deploy U.S. military on cartels across border
By Niha Masih, Mary Beth Sheridan

The New York Times White Supremacist Propaganda Soared Last Year, Report Finds
By Alan Feuer

Los Angeles Times (Editorial) The GOP’s Mayorkas impeachment sideshow
By Editorial Board


Michigan Live Migrant child labor in Michigan reveals injustices in immigration, employment, lawyer says
By Rose White

Berkeley Beacon One step forward, two steps back: immigration policies in the United States
By Rachel Choi

Miami Herald U.S. defends deportations to Haiti before Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
By Jacqueline Charles

La Opinión (Op-Ed) Nefarious immigration policies are a slap in the face, no matter who they come from
By Maribel Hastings, David Torres