Daily Immigration News Clips – May 25, 2023

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on May 25, 2023.


The Guardian The Haitians who built a community in Tijuana – but are still stranded
By Justo Robles

NBC News Sinema says immigration is her 'No. 1 concern' as she considers her next moves
By Julie Tsirkin, Liz Brown-Kaiser

The Guardian Revealed: the contentious tool US immigration uses to get your data from tech firms
By Johana Bhuiyan

The Nation (Editorial) The “Chaos” at the Border Is by Design
By Gaby Del Valle

Reason (Op-Ed) 'No One Will Become an American Until…the Border Is Secure'
By Elizabeth Nolan Brown

New York Post (Op-Ed) Border crisis is Biden’s fault, and only the GOP is trying to fix it
By Elise Stefanik

America Magazine (Op-Ed) ‘Heaven has borders, hell has none’: Debunking the GOP narrative that God wants anti-immigrant legislation
By J. Kevin Appleby


KERA Texas Senate passes bill to create state border and immigration enforcement agency
By Julián Aguilar

WBUR Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar on bipartisan immigration bill

Michigan Public Radio Protesters rally for removing immigration restrictions on driver's licenses
By Michelle Jokisch Polo

Axios Tampa Bay Florida's new immigration law prompts some to leave the state
By Yacob Reyes

San Diego Union-Tribune (Op-Ed) The end of Title 42 should’ve been a celebratory day, but it was far from that.
By Kate Clark

El Semanario (Op-Ed) With the End of Title 42, Lessons from the Southern Border
By Maribel Hastings, David Torres