Daily Immigration News Clips – November 7, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on November 7, 2018.


Bloomberg Trump Immigration Fraud Focus Yields Limited Results
By Laura D. Francis

Vox Exclusive: even before the caravan, Trump took steps to use travel bans to limit asylum
By Dara Lind

Reuters Motel 6 to Pay $7.6 Million for Giving Guest Lists to U.S. Immigration

CNN Joint Chiefs chair says soldiers will not be involved in denying border entry to migrants
By Kate Sullivan and Ryan Browne

Reuters Caravan Migrants Rest in Mexico City, Some Deterred by U.S. Hostility

Washington Post Aid arrives for migrants at Mexico City stadium as US votes

The Hill Former Dem governor spars with Bret Baier over caravan: 'Nobody with half a brain' believes they're carrying disease

USA Today Immigrant caravan reaches Mexico City, pauses to regroup
By David Agren

Wall Street Journal U.S. Troops' First Order at the Border: Laying Razor Wire
By Alicia A. Caldwell

Wall Street Journal Lame-Duck Congress Raises Prospect of Stalemate on Border Wall
By Kristina Peterson and Richard Rubin

The Hill Active-duty troops at border will not receive combat pay

Associated Press AP Survey: Health Care, Immigration High on Voters' Minds

Associated Press Rep. King Wins Despite Outcry Over White Supremacist Support

Reuters Women, Youth, Hispanics Drive Democratic House Wins: Reuters/Ipsos Poll

Reuters Trump Faces a Blitz of Investigations From Democratic-Run House

Washington Post 106-year-old woman with desire to vote becomes a citizen - on Election Day
By Allison Klein

Politico 'Dónde votar' tops Google trends in sign of Latino midterm enthusiasm

The Hill Latino turnout will be a 'marker for 2020,' says Dem strategist
By Julia Manchester

The Hill Dem pollsters see immigration as a winning issue

The Hill Exit poll: Nearly half of voters say Trump's immigration policy 'too tough'

CNN Becoming a US citizen was this 106-year-old's dream. She took the oath on Election Day
By Catherine E. Shoichet

HuffPost Democrats Win Back The House Of Representatives
By Matt Fuller

Daily Beast How a Honduran Immigrant Named Bill Clinton Spent Election Day
By Michael Daly

Quartz Republicans fear that House Democrats will launch these investigations
By Max de Haldevang

Bloomberg U.S. Is Vibrant Thanks to Immigration, Singapore Premier Says
By Michelle Jamrisko and Stephanie Phang

Associated Press Immigration board rejects Spanish-language reporter's appeal

The Hill Trump's 'dehumanizing' rhetoric will discourage progress on immigration, says consultant
By Tess Bonn

HuffPost Evangelical Pastor Claims Trump's Immigration Policies Are Biblical
By Carol Kuruvilla

New York Times (Editorial) The Democrats Won the House. Now What?

Washington Post (Editorial) A great day for democracy

HuffPost (Opinion) Trump's Only Answer To Right-Wing Violence Is To Scream About Immigrants
By Juan Escalante

The Hill (Op-Ed) Trump Jr.: My father wants to end illegal immigration with this answer

New York Times (Opinion) The Success in Beto's Failure
By Mimi Swartz

Washington Post (Opinion) The first five things the Democrats should do with their House majority
By Ronald A. Klain

Washington Post (Opinion) Republicans pay the price for racism and xenophobia
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion) Where was the liberal outrage when Democratic presidents sent troops to the border?
By Marc A. Thiessen

Washington Post (Opinion) America steps back from the abyss
By Dana Milbank

The Hill (Op-Ed) Immigration is an economic necessity, not a threat

Bloomberg (Opinion) Immigrants Remain a Driving Force of U.S. Power
By Justin Fox

Vox (Op-Ed) Fellow evangelicals: stop falling for Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric
By Ed Stetzer


The Oregonian Oregon's pioneering sanctuary law endorsed by broad majority in 2018 election
By Shane Dixon Kavanaugh

San Diego Union Tribune Banner-hanging protesters of Trump immigration policies plead guilty to trespassing
By Greg Moran