Daily Immigration News Clips – September 28, 2021

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on September 28, 2021.


Reuters Biden administration moves to protect 'Dreamers' from deportation
By Daniel Weissner

New York Times Biden Administration Moves to Protect Undocumented Young Adults
By Miriam Jordan and Eileen Sullivan

Wall Street Journal Biden Administration Moves to Preserve DACA Program After Court Loss
By Michelle Hackman

The Hill Biden administration moves to preserve DACA after court ruling
By Brett Samuels

Roll Call Biden administration moves to reissue DACA after court ruling
By Suzanne Monyak

CNN Biden administration takes new steps to preserve Obama-era DACA immigration program
By Priscilla Alvarez

USA Today Biden administration takes steps to 'preserve and fortify' DACA program
By Rebecca Morin

NBC News Biden administration moving to protect Dreamers after Texas court ruling
By Julia Ainsley

AP Greyhound Lines settles lawsuit over immigration sweeps

New York Times Why Haitians in Chile Keep Heading North to the U.S.
By Pascale Bonnefoy

Washington Post Biden’s moral crisis on the border
By Ishaan Tharoor

The Hill Thousands of Haitian migrants again moving toward US: report
By Moniqie Beales

CNN Exclusive: Haiti's Ariel Henry says he understands US migrant deportations and says elections will be pushed back
By Melissa Bell, Pierre Bairin, Mark Esplin and Helen Regan

CBS News U.S. expels nearly 4,000 Haitians in 9 days as part of deportation blitz
By Camilo Montoya-Galvez

Slate Which President Praised the Border Cavalry as “Tough”? (It Was Obama.)
By Pedro Gerson

Washington Post (Opinion) Biden gets no credit for making immigration more humane
By Max Boot

The Atlantic (Opinion) Democrats’ Free Pass on Immigration Is Over
By Caitlin Dickerson

Boston Globe (Opinion) Democrats must not hide behind a procedural loss on immigration reform
By Marcela Garcia

The Progressive (Opinion) A Pathway for Undocumented Immigrants Is Essential
By James Goodman

CNN (Op-ed) Why we're willing to put our votes on the line for the Build Back Better Act
By Pramila Jayapal, Katie Porter and Ilhan Omar


New York Times (New York) New York Pledges $27 Million to Help Undocumented Immigrants Hit by Ida
By Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura and Precious Fondren

New York Times (Arizona) As Sinema resists the budget bill, she is set to raise money from business groups that oppose it.
By Jonathan Weisman

The Hill (Arizona) Arizona Democratic Party passes resolution criticizing Sinema on filibuster, reconciliation

Politico (Virginia) ‘People are going to get skittish:’ White House sweats over McAuliffe

Politico (Texas) Texas politics takes over American politics

Roll Call (Texas) Texas releases draft map amid redistricting rush among states
By Michael Macagnone

Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Editorial) Broken immigration policy needs reforming

Colorado Sun (Op-ed) Opinion: Widen and shorten the path to citizenship
By Kate Miya

Commercial Times (Op-ed) Biden Administration has failed to create a fair and just immigration system
By Judith Clerjune