Daily Immigration News Clips – September 5, 2023

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on September 5, 2023.


Wall Street Journal Clogged Courts Worsen U.S. Immigration Crisis
By Alicia A. Caldwell

The Guardian Revealed: how US immigration uses fake social media profiles across investigations
By Johana Bhuiyan, Sam Levin

Politico What Biden can and can’t do to get migrants working
By Emily Ngo, Jeff Coltin, Nick Resiman

The Hill ICE sends deportation flight to Haiti after warning US citizens to evacuate
By Rafael Bernal

NBC News Immigrants cleaning up after Hurricane Idalia wonder if DeSantis’ immigration law will limit their ability to rebuild Florida
By Nicole Acevedo

CBS News U.S. reminds migrants to apply for work permits following pressure from city officials
By Camilo Montoya Galvez

Washington Post Smugglers are steering migrants into the remote Arizona desert, posing new Border Patrol challenges
By Anita Snow

Wall Street Journal U.S. Is Putting Ankle Monitors on Migrants With Children—and Speeding Up Deportations
By Alicia A. Caldwell, Michelle Hackman

New York Times Record Number of Families Cross Southern Border Illegally in August
By Zolan Kanno-Youngs, Eileen Sullivan

New York Times Hard Right Injects Immigration Into Spending Fight, Raising Shutdown Fears
By Karoun Demirjian

The Intercept Floaters: Our Reflection In The Rio Grande
By Debbie Nathan

New York Times New York’s Migrant Crisis Is Growing. So Are Democrats’ Anxieties.
By Nicholas Fandos

Axios Blue state migrant crisis sparks political disaster for Biden
By Steph Solis, Monica Eng, Stef W. Kight, Caitlin Owens

Politico Meet the white Trump official behind the launch of Black America for Immigration Reform
By Myah Ward

NBC News Texas braces for the historic impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton
By Jane C. Timm

NBC News Over 100,000 migrants have arrived in NYC. Here's what life is like for two of them.
By Austin Cope

The Hill (Op-Ed) Courts should uphold valuable immigration policy
By Ilya Somin

The Atlantic (Op-Ed) Why Biden Just Can’t Shake Trump in the Polls
By Ronald Brownstein


CBS Boston Healey says Massachusetts National Guard will deploy "soon" to help with migrant housing crisis
By Louisa Moller

Miami Herald DeSantis immigration law may worsen labor shortages in Florida as planting season begins
By Syra Ortiz Blanes

New Jersey Monitor Governor Murphy flip-flops on aiding immigrants
By Terence T. McDonald

The Boston Globe (Editorial) On the front lines with a charity responding to the migrant crisis