AILA Applauds the "Support and Defend Our Military Personnel and their Families Act"

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WASHINGTON, DC - On this special day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) applauds U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson's bill, the "Support and Defend Our Military Personnel and Their Families Act" (H.R. 3761). This measure would provide much needed relief for potentially tens of thousands of our military personnel who, although serving in our Armed Forces, may have immigration related issues with no current remedy.

Providing peace of mind where we can is the least we can do for the men and women fighting for our nation on the frontlines. H.R. 3761 enables families to stay together by facilitating the timely reunification of sons and daughters with their legal permanent resident parent serving in the Armed Forces. The proposed bill also provides veterans one year, instead of just six months, after their honorable discharge to apply for naturalization.

"Every day our nation's military personnel are carrying out the ultimate service to our nation. In order for these brave men and women to stay focused on their mission, we should do what we can to provide them with the comfort of knowing that their loved ones will have opportunities to stay in this country. The 'Support and Defend Our Military Personnel and Their Families Act' would go a long way in providing many of those critically needed opportunities," said Eleanor Pelta, President of AILA. The "Support and Defend Our Military Personnel and Their Families Act" addresses immigration law related problems that distract active-duty military personnel in battle, as well as veterans upon their homecoming, and their immediate family members. Enactment of this measure would improve our military readiness and keep Americans safe.


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