AILA Commends President’s Call for House Action on Immigration Reform

Thursday, October 24, 2013

George Tzamaras
Belle Woods

AILA Commends President Obama's Call for House Action on Immigration Reform and Passage of a Bill by the End of the Year

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, President Obama called on the House of Representatives to move forward and pass common sense, comprehensive immigration reform by the end of the year. Legislation has faltered in the House despite Senate passage of a bipartisan bill in June. In his statement today, the President noted that, "across the political spectrum people understand" that our immigration system is broken. He reiterated that immigration reform will strengthen our economy and our nation's future.

AILA is committed to a common sense, balanced reform effort which should:

  • Offer a wide and inclusive legalization program that provides an opportunity for citizenship after a reasonable period of time
  • Safeguard our borders and homeland while also safeguarding America's Constitution and fundamental values;
  • Ensure that immigration enforcement is done in a humane, balanced way that guarantees due process;
  • Ensure families can reunite with their loved ones, including adult sons and daughters without regard to age, and the siblings of U.S. citizens;
  • Include LGBT/same-sex families in the definition of the American family;
  • Ensure businesses of all sizes have access to the workers they need through an efficient and workable process; and
  • Protect immigrant and U.S. workers.

"We saw last week that members in the House of both parties will do what is right for our country when given the chance to cast their vote. We call on Speaker Boehner to acknowledge that immigration reform is legislation that our nation must get right in order to move forward," said AILA President Doug Stump. "A bipartisan bill would give our country an economic boost at a time we could really use one. Congress needs to establish an actual immigration system rather than the haphazard, piecemeal mishmash of policies immigrants face today," he concluded.

AILA Executive Director Crystal Williams attended this morning's briefing as the President renewed his call for action on immigration reform. She noted, "I was proud to stand behind the President this morning. He could not have been clearer about his commitment to reform and his emphasis that Congress should move forward so our country can benefit from the increased security, strengthened communities, and economic growth that reform will bring."


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