AILA Presents Raymond R. Bolourtchi with the 2014 Sam Williamson Mentor Award

Saturday, June 21, 2014

George Tzamaras
Belle Woods


BOSTON,MA — The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) will recognize Raymond R. Bolourtchi, of Cofman & Bolourtchi LLC, St. Louis, MO, with the 2014 Sam Williamson Mentor Award in acknowledgment of his outstanding efforts and excellent counsel to immigration attorneys by providing mentoring assistance. The award will be presented today during AILA's Annual Conference in Boston, MA.

Mention Ray Bolourtchi's name and anyone who knows him will tell you he is passionate, generous, and a great lawyer. As an AILA Mentor, he has spent many hours assisting other lawyers in areas of removal and deportation and family immigration. He is a mentor even to those who he has never met in person by participating actively on various AILA listserves, offering helpful citations to legal authority on countless occasions, as well as sharing his own experience.

Mr. Bolourtchi has achieved national recognition for his expertise in immigration and criminal defense matters. He represents clients seeking relief from removal and deportation proceedings throughout the country, and practices in state, federal and immigration courts. He has assisted hundreds of clients naturalize and become citizens. His passion for immigration issues motivates him to fight zealously for his clients, and he is a true advocate in each and every case.

Mr. Bolourtchi speaks fluent Spanish, French, Catalan, Farsi, and Italian. He is an author and lecturer on immigration topics, including immigration consequences of criminal convictions. He is also an expert witness and consultant on guilty pleas and immigration law.

He received his B.A. at UCLA and his J.D. at Saint Louis University School of Law, St. Louis, Missouri.

For the selfless sharing of his expertise, AILA is honored to award Mr. Bolourtchi the 2014 Sam Williamson Mentor Award.


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