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Shareable Materials Regarding Erroneously Issued 3-Year DACA Work Permits

AILA has developed both a shareable infographic and print Public Service Announcement (PSA), in English and Spanish, that we encourage you to share widely on social media and in your communities to inform DACA grantees who received 3-year work permits erroneously issued or mailed after February 16, 2015.

Check out this AILA Practice Alert for more information (AILA Doc No. 15070802).

Six ways to use this PSA:

  1. The first and most obvious way is to try and get a PSA placed in your local or neighborhood newspaper or other print outlet. There are different formats to accommodate whatever requirements an outlet might have. For more information on how to reach out to your local newspaper about placing a PSA, see: Placing a Print Public Service Announcement
  2. Share it with community stakeholders! Craft an email and send it to local organizations that are also involved in immigration issues. Those can include your local Chamber of Commerce, local middle schools and high schools, churches, senior centers and more.
  3. Use them when publicizing clinics, citizenship activities, or other community outreach. Use a PSA as a visual in your press release. Print up a poster and have it at the workshop door. Print out postcard-size versions and print the information about your workshop on the opposite side-drop these off at local schools, churches, and elsewhere.
  4. Promote your services by including a version in your communications with current and prospective clients-even if they aren't eligible, they could share it with someone in their community. Again, use the opposite side for any information you want to highlight.
  5. People using social media tend to embrace visuals and this is a visual! Post it on your firm's Facebook page. Post it on your website and then link to it in a tweet, too. If you have questions about how to become more active in social media, contact our communications team at
  6. Consider unique outreach efforts. Print up copies and ask the local restaurant if they'd include them in their menus for a month. Ask the local library if you can drop some off there. Are there ESL classes in your area? Contact the institution and see if you could post the PSA either near the classroom door or even give a presentation to the class about what administrative action might bring.

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 15071603.