AILA Calls for Independent Immigration Courts

On January 29, 2020, the U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship will hold a hearing on immigration courts, Courts in Crisis: The State of Judicial Independence and Due Process in U.S. Immigration Courts.


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  • Click to tweet: Immigration court reform is desperately needed. Tune in to the Congressional hearing on 1/29 at 9:30 am EST on the need for greater transparency and due process in the immigration courts. #JudicialIndependence
  • Click to tweet: Housing the #immigration courts under the DOJ leaves judges vulnerable to political pressure and interference in case management. Our #immigration court system is in desperate need of a structural overhaul. #JudicialIndependence
  • Click to tweet: Immigration judges are tasked with cases that can determine life or death. To ensure they make fair and just decisions, the courts must be removed from the DOJ so they can operate independently. #JudicialIndependence
  • Click to tweet: Case completion quotas and decisions to limit case docketing tools have damaged immigration court independence and limited due process. We need #JudicialIndependence.
  • Click to tweet: Policies aimed at undermining judicial independence have made it extremely difficult for immigrants to get their #FairDayInCourt. We cannot allow the administration to continue to rubber-stamp deportation. #JudicialIndependence #ProtectDueProcess
  • Click to tweet: EOIR’s bureaucratic power grabs, playing politics with judicial hiring, the crushing case backlog, and fake court dates - just a few of the reasons we need an independent immigration court. #JudicialIndependence #ProtectDueProcess

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