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Daily Immigration News Clips – November 17, 2023

11/17/23 AILA Doc. No. 23111731.
Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on November 17, 2023.


Washington Post ‘Signs of life’ on longshot Senate border deal
By Leigh Ann Caldwell, Theodoric Meyer

Documented Scams pretending to be immigration agencies: How to protect yourself
By Rommel H. Ojeda

Associated Press Biden and Mexico’s leader will meet in California. Fentanyl, migrants and Cuba are on the agenda
By Colleen Long, Aamer Madhani

Politico Tough border negotiations endanger Ukraine aid
By Burgess Everett

Politico Playbook: The case for triangulation on immigration
By Ryan Lizza, Eugene Daniels, Rachael Bade

Axios The U.S. undocumented population is growing more diverse, less Mexican
By Russell Contreras

CNN Texas governor expected to sign border bill that would create new state crime for entering state illegally
By Rosa Flores, Sara Weisfeldt

Forbes (Op-Ed) The Best Way Forward On Immigration Reform In America
By Andy J. Semotiuk

MSNBC (Op-Ed) The GOP doesn’t want you to know the true number of undocumented immigrants
By Julio Ricardo

USA Today (Op-Ed) If Greg Abbott gets his way, dogcatchers will be able to detain suspected migrants in Texas
By Jennefer Canales-Pelaez

Real Clear Politics (Op-Ed) When Trump Tells You Who He Is … Believe Him
By Maria Cardona


WBUR 'We are also human beings': I left Venezuela seeking safety — my life shouldn't be fodder for a political stunt
By Kathleen Burge

WESA Undocumented immigrant workers continue to push for the right to drive legally in Pa.
By Gabriela Martínez

CBS Boston Massachusetts looks to make $250M available for migrant housing after shelters reach capacity
By Anna Meiler

CBS Chicago Many migrants in Chicago are ineligible for federal protection status allowing them to get work permits
By Tara Molina

KSFR Report Show Immigrants Are Crucial To Santa Fe County Economy
By Kevin Meerschaert

Boston Globe Migrant families in Massachusetts sit in limbo while politicians debate shelter solutions
By Samantha J. Gross

NBC News 4 New border bills bring lawsuits on Texas, while counties rejoice over passage
By Matt Roy

FOX 5 Mayor Adams unveils sweeping NYC budget cuts, blaming migrant crisis
By Morgan McKay

ABC 7 Governor JB Pritzker outlines plans for migrant intake center, funds for shelter
By Craig Wall

Miami Herald (Op-Ed) Trump calls his foes ‘vermin’ and evokes another tyrant: To Fidel Castro, we were worms
By Fabiola Santiago