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AILA offers a wide variety of must-have immigration law publications written and edited by some of the nation's leading immigration law experts. Law student membership grants you substantial discounts (usually ranging between 30% to 40%) on publications such as, Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook, Essentials of Immigration Law, and many more. AILA has publications covering key immigration law topics including:

  • asylum law and practice
  • criminal immigration
  • removal and waivers
  • employment-based immigration practice
  • consular practice (only available on AILALink)
  • family-based immigration and international adoption
  • citizenship and naturalization
  • immigration litigation

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Law Professors: Many of AILA's publications are excellent teaching tools for law schools and asylum law clinics. Contact us at agora@aila.org for information on discounts for class-adopted texts.

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