AILA Briefing on Restoring Discretion and Fairness to the System

On 03/26/13 at 10:00 am (ET) AILA, along with the ACLU, First Focus, The Leadership Conference, National Immigration Law Center, Rights Working Group and Women Refugees Commission will host a briefing entitled, “Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Restoring Discretion and Fairness to the Immigration System.”

As Congress considers Comprehensive Immigration Reform, it is critical to restore much-needed discretion to immigration judges and immigration adjudicators, to ensure that the immigration system produces fair outcomes, preserves American families, and comports with our Constitution and nation’s values. The briefing will include a 10 minute sample from the forthcoming film American Exile, to be introduced by the film’s Director, John J. Valadez, and Producer, Carleen L. Hsu.


Margaret D. Stock
Counsel to the Firm, Lane Powell PC, and Lieutenant Colonel (retired), US Army Reserve, Military Police Corps

Gilbert T. Gembacz
U.S. Immigration Judge, Retired

Miriam Calderon
Policy Consultant, First Focus

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