Catch the Recordings of Recent Conferences and Seminars

AILA offers recordings of recent web and audio seminars that are available whenever you are! Check out the recordings today and stay current on the trends, topics, and issues that affect your clients and practice. CLE credit is also available for many of these recordings.

Recently added recordings include:

  • LGBTQ+ Asylum: Representing Clients Seeking Safety
    Special Recording Price for Members: $59
    Our expert panelists will discuss the ins and outs of representing LGBTQ+ clients seeking asylum in the United States. They will cover issues specific to LGBTQ+ individuals, including sensitive topics that need to be addressed when representing members of this population-e.g., preferred names and pronouns, dealing with DHS arguments regarding non-discrimination laws, etc. If you represent LGBTQ+ asylum seekers, or if you want to start, this seminar is a must!
  • Hot Topics in Business Immigration: What's Trending?
    The world of business immigration is changing quicker than ever before. Join our expert panelists for a discussion about trends and best practices on current USCIS adjudications for nonimmigrant and immigrant applications inside the United States and abroad. Panelists will present and review various hot topics on business immigration, including visa chargeability and backlogs, consulate delays, H-1B/L/O-1 trends, the impact of new memoranda, and other changes based on regulations.
  • Best Practices for Interacting with the National Visa Center
    Our panelists will advise on how to effectively communicate with, and respond to, the National Visa Center. With increasing delays, it becomes even more frustrating to communicate with a system that does not seem to be listening. Panelists will provide crucial guidance regarding how to utilize the new electronic document collection system, obtain initial and secondary evidence, respond to Requests for Evidence (RFEs), and ensure that cases are not closed.
  • Revisiting the Child Status Protection Act
    With visa retrogression on the rise in categories that, historically, have been current, it’s time to think about the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) and how it can work for (or possibly against) your client. The panelists will discuss the various aspects of the CSPA, including calculating the CSPA age, reviewing what actions “stop” the clock, and brainstorming strategic ways the CSPA can work to your client’s advantage.
  • Options for Clients with a Prior Removal Order Picked Up by ICE
    Your client has a prior removal order and either never left the United States or has reentered. ICE has come knocking and you are facing an emergency because your client could be removed from the country in less than a week. There is little time for research. The family is desperate and looking for answers. What do you do? This panel of experts provides options and advice for when a client with a prior removal order is apprehended by ICE.
  • Advanced E-1 and E-2 Visa Challenges
    E visas are a challenge because application requirements can vary greatly from post to post. Our panel of experts will discuss advanced issues concerning E visas, including E-1 and E-2 company structures, uncommon sources of funds, the meaning of “substantial,” and practical tips for crafting successful applications. They also will consider how the “Buy American and Hire American” Executive Order is affecting current processing and provide tips for navigating challenging posts.

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