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AILA offers recordings of recent web and audio seminars that are available whenever you are! Check out the recordings today and stay current on the trends, topics, and issues that affect your clients and practice. CLE credit is also available for many of these recordings.

Recently added recordings include:

  • Advanced E-1 and E-2 Visa Challenges
    E visas are a challenge because application requirements can vary greatly from post to post. Our panel of experts will discuss advanced issues concerning E visas, including E-1 and E-2 company structures, uncommon sources of funds, the meaning of “substantial,” and practical tips for crafting successful applications. They also will consider how the “Buy American and Hire American” Executive Order is affecting current processing and provide tips for navigating challenging posts.
  • Green Card Renewals, Corrections, and the Phasing Out of InfoPass
    As our clients experience more complications and delays when renewing their green cards, practitioners must be equipped to provide practical solutions to complex problems. Our expert panelists will discuss how to correct DHS errors on green cards, and address issues of expired or soon-to-expire green cards while a client is filing for naturalization.
    They also will advise on best practices for assisting clients in obtaining I-551 stamps as temporary proof of status at InfoPass appointments and in jurisdictions where InfoPass appointments have been eliminated.
  • Planning with Unpredictable Priority Dates and Winning Cases
    Unanticipated visa retrogression has clients clamoring for advice on how to maximize their options for adjustment of status. Our panel of experts will discuss recent trends in the visa bulletin and various options for upgrading and downgrading cases. They also will address how to advise clients on strategies for winning cases, and the potential risks associated with them.
  • "B-2 or Not B-2: That Is the Question for Your Client's Betrothed!"
    Your client has fallen in love and is betrothed to a noncitizen who wants to live in the United States permanently. But what if your client does not want to wait out the long K-1 and IR-1 application processing times? Is the B-2 an alternative? Our panel of experts will address whether the B-2 is a viable option in light of DOS's "90-day rule," and advise on how that decision could impact your client's betrothed after entry into the United States.
  • Assault on Asylum: Navigating the Proposals to Limit Access to Asylum
    On January 25, 2019, DHS announced the launch of the Migrant Protection Protocols, a plan to keep asylum seekers in Mexico while they pursue asylum before an immigration judge. This follows last fall's presidential proclamation barring individuals from seeking asylum who have entered without inspection at the U.S.-Mexico border. The panelists will provide key analysis regarding the two proposals, what practitioners need to know about them, what is happening at the border, and the latest in litigation challenging the administration's attempts to restrict asylum protections.
  • Latest CBP Trends Across the Country: Preparing Clients for Admission
    Find out the latest local U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) practices from throughout the United States. Hear from experts on best practices for communicating with CBP, where local policy stands, and practical tips for U.S. entry.

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