Reactions and Selected Press Clips on DACA Rescission/Support for Dream Act

AILA compiled reactions and selected press clips on support for congressional action on the Dream Act (S. 1615/H.R. 3440) and other legislative efforts to allow Dreamers a permanent legal status.

Selected News Clips

San Diego Union Tribune Dreamers in the military face more than DACA deadline
By Kate Morrissey

Austin American Statesman Austin-area immigrants search for options as DACA end nears
By Sonja Gillert

The Atlantic Borrowed Time
By Priscilla Alvarez

New York Times Fact Check Why Common Critiques of DACA Are Misleading
By Linda Qiu

Washington Post The clock is ticking on DACA. Here's how young immigrants and their advocates are fighting back.
By Maria Sacchetti

Associated Press Immigrants scramble to complete paperwork amid hurricanes
By Nomaan Merchant

Reuters 'Dreamers' Left Confused About Fine Points of Immigration Programme's End
By Mica Rosenberg

New York Times Napolitano Sues Trump to Save DACA Program She Helped Create
By Michael D. Shear

Politico Protecting DACA students

Star Tribune (Minnesota) DACA's demise kick-starts intense push to help Minnesota's Dreamers, shape new law
By Mila Koumpilova and Jennifer Brooks

CBS (Minnesota) Why Can't 'Dreamers' Just Apply For Citizenship?

NBC4 After DACA Announcement, LA Lawyer Warns of Immigration Scams

Seattle Times Washington and other states sue Trump over DACA

WBUR (Massachusetts) Trump's Decision To End DACA Leaves Thousands Of Mass. Young People In Limbo

WNYC Making Sense of Uncertainty: What DACA Recipients Need to Know

Vice Desperate DREAMers Have a Few Small Slivers of Hope Remaining

NPR Immigration Lawyer Weighs In On Trump's Decision To End DACA

12News (Arizona) Arizona attorneys urge DACA recipients not to panic

Associated Press Trump tweet unlikely to calm anxious immigrants

Mother Jones Administration Isn't Sharing Dreamers' Information With ICE, But Another Threat Looms

Associated Press Immigrants scramble to complete paperwork amid hurricanes

Vox Immigrants gave the government personal details to get DACA. Will it be used to deport them?

MSNBC Response on DACA rescission (features Greg Chen)

WBUR (Massachusetts) Trump's Decision To End DACA Leaves Thousands Of Mass. Young People In Limbo
By Shannon Dooling

WISHTV (Indiana) Indy immigrants impacted by DACA decision
By Brenna Donnelly

Star Tribune (Minnesota) Stretched for workers, Minnesota businesses lament immigration pushback
By Jim Spencer and Jennifer Brooks

ProPublica Will Trump Kill the Dream for These Immigrants?
By Marcelo Rochabrun

MLive One immigrant's story of life under DACA
By Monica Scott

Opinion Pieces and Editorials

USA Today: Save 'DREAMers' from Donald Trump's legal limbo
By Editorial Board

The Kansas City Star: Will Kansas and Missouri Republicans in Congress stand up for Dreamers?
By Editorial Board

USA Today: Time's up, Congress. Bypass GOP leaders and get DACA done for DREAMers
By John Kasich (R), Governor of Ohio

Lincoln Journal Star: Inaction on Dreamers is inexcusable
By Editorial Board

The Hill Passing a solution for Dreamers will strengthen our military
By James W Partington, Margaret Stock and Scott Cooper, Opinion Contributors

The Washington Post (Opinion) Ignore the president. Vote on the DACA deal
By Editorial Board

The Sacramento Bee (Opinion) Stop the insanity: Californians in Congress should back Dreamers
By Editorial Board

The Houston Chronicle (Opinion) What's next after an immigration deal goes bust
By Editorial Board

St. Louis Post - Dispatch (Opinion) DACA was a done deal until Trump's ego came into the equation
By Editorial Board

Minneapolis Star Tribune (Opinion) Despite latest Trump firestorm, make a deal on DACA
By Editorial Board

Baltimore Sun (Opinion) DACA isn't dead yet
By Editorial Board

The Lawrence Journal World (Opinion) A bill that should succeed
By J-W Editorial Staff

The Gainesville Times (Opinion) Lifting up the lamp for 'Dreamers'
By Times Editorial Board

Business Roundtable Solving the DACA Challenge
By Chuck Robbins, Chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc. and Chair of Business Roundtable's Immigration Committee

The Washington Post (Opinion) Trump's disgraceful use of 'dreamers' as a bargaining chip
By Editorial Board

The Washington Post (Opinion) Congress Must Act on the ‘Dreamers’
By Tim Cook, Chief Executive of Apple, and Charles Koch, Chairman and Chief Executive of Koch Industries

Univision (Opinion) Congress must act now to protect Dreamers
By Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM-1), Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus

New York Times (Opinion) Robert Gates: Ending DACA Will Hurt Immigrant Troops
By Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense

Billboard (Opinion) Salsa Star Luis Enrique Addresses DACA: 'Don't Ever Stop Dreaming'
By Luis Enrique

NBC News (Opinion) I Wrote DACA. Now I'm Suing to Ensure Trump Can't Destroy It.
By Janet Napolitano, former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

New York Times (Opinion) Why Common Critiques of DACA Are Misleading
By Linda Qiu

Star Tribune (Minnesota, Letter to the Editor) Readers Write: Harteau's severance plan, immigration policy, slavery and civil rights, millennials

Baltimore Sun (Opinion) Dreaming even bigger: Immigration reform now
By Elizabeth Keyes

San Diego Union Tribune (Letter to the Editor) Time for Congress to protect the dreamers
By Diana Vellos Coker

Arizona Star (Op-Ed) Mo Goldman: Now's the time for Rep. McSally to stand up for Dreamers
By Mo Goldman

The New York Times (Opinion) Eric Cantor: How to End the Immigration Wars
By Eric Cantor, former Republican House Majority Leader

Boston Globe (Opinion) Trump should not repeal DACA
By L. Rafael Reif, President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Hill (Opinion) Trump's decision to end DACA creates a national security threat
By John Cohen, former acting under Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security

Boston Globe (Editorial) As Houston rebuilds, it will need Dreamers

The Modesto Bee (Opinion) Don't let America break our promise to 800,000 dreamers
By Kristin Olsen, Vice Chair of CA Republican Party

Government Official Statements

Main Street Caucus Weighs in on DACA Solution

Republican and Democratic Governors Urge Congress to Protect Dreamers

Senators Urge Senate Majority Leader to Bring Dream Act to the Senate Floor

Senators Urge DHS to Allow Resubmission of DACA Renewal Applications Received Past Deadline

Senator Ernst Calls on Congress to Defend Dreamers

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Condemns Ending of DACA

Senator Alexander Calls on Congress to Pass Immigration Reform

Senator Murkowski Calls on Congress to Pass Immigration Reform

Representative Hurd Calls for a Legislative Solution for Dreamers

Senators Durbin and Graham discuss DACA Decision

Senator Flake States Congress Must Take Action to Protect Dreamers

Representative Upton Encourages Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Dreamers

Representative Reichert Urges Protection of DACA Program

Representative Kinzinger Calls on Congress to Defend Dreamers

Representative Marshall Calls on Congress to Defend Dreamers

Statement from President Barack Obama on DACA Repeal

Democratic Leader Pelosi Encourages Speaker Ryan To Discuss Comprehensive Legislative Solution

Republican House Members Call on Speaker Ryan to Find a Solution for Dreamers

Representatives Espaillat and Kilhuen Urge President Trump to Reconsider DACA Decision

TN Attorney General Calls on Senators to Support the Dream Act

Senator James Lankford Calls on Trump to Protect DACA

Senator McCain Responds to Trump Administration's Decision to End DACA

Representative Issa Responds to Trump Administration Decision to End DACA

Senator Feinstein Urges Congress to Vote on Dream Act of 2017

Representative Ros-Lehtinen Urges Congress to Vote on Dream Act of 2017

After DACA Rescission, House Speaker Paul Ryan Supports a Permanent Legislative Solution

Senator Tillis to Introduce Legislation to Protect Dreamers

Senator Hatch Calls on Trump to Protect DACA

Representative Carlos Curbelo Urges Floor Vote on RAC Act

Twenty Attorneys General Ask President Trump to Keep DACA Program

Businesses, Educators, and Community Reactions

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Urges Congress to Protect Dreamers

Veterans Call on Congress to Pass a Permanent Legislative Solution for Dreamers

Leaders of American Industry Call on Congress to Protect Dreamers Now

Presidents' Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration

Former DHS Secretaries Write Letter to Congress in Favor of Dreamers

Entertainers Urge Democrat Leaders to Uphold Promise to Protect Dreamers

Former National Security Leaders Urge Congress to Pass the Dream Act

Manufacturers Call on Congress to Protect DACA Recipients

774 Colleges and Universities Urge Congress to Protect Dreamers

American Council on Education Urges Congress to Protect Dreamers

Microsoft Pushes for Urgent DACA Legislation

Planned Parenthood Condemns Trump's Decision to Rescind DACA

NACAC Statement on Termination of DACA Program

AASA Releases Statement on Trump Administration Plan to End DACA

Cornell University President Urges Trump to Support DACA

Sign-On Letter from Law Scholars Urges Trump to Preserve DACA

MassBio Encourages Congress to pass the Dream Act

Business Roundtable Issues Statement in Support of DACA

Former Education Secretaries Condemn DACA Repeal

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Issues Statement on DACA Rescission

Sign-On Letter from CEOs Urging Congress to Protect Dreamers

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