Immigration News

Daily Immigration News Clips – June 25, 2024

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on June 25, 2024.


The Hill Republicans raise ‘grave concerns’ with Biden immigration order
By Miranda Nazzaro

Marketplace Amid shortage, nurses abroad wait longer for visas
By Elizabeth Trovall

Mother Jones Most Immigrant Deaths in ICE Detention Could Have Been Prevented
By Isabela Dias

NPR One of leading issues for many voters this year is immigration
By A Martínez, Steve Inskeep, Jasmine Garsd

NBC News Death of 12-year-old girl in Texas fuels Trump-Biden debate on immigration
By Gabe Gutierrez, Megan Lebowitz

Border Report DHS details rules for special parole program for migrants from 4 countries
By Sandra Sanchez

Politico Florida Medicaid spending on undocumented immigrants plummets after new law
By Arek Sarkissian

Washington Post ‘These are our students’: How a small school district welcomed migrant kids
By Joanna Slater

Forbes (Op-Ed) Trump Unlikely To Pass Immigration Law To Admit All College Grads
By Stuart Anderson


NBC DFW Mixed-status families eagerly await expedited immigration policy
By Maria Guerrero

Boston Globe (Op-Ed) What happens when Biden’s immigration record comes into focus on the debate stage?
By Marcela García

Austin American Statesman (Op-Ed) We can strengthen U.S.-Mexico border security without sacrificing compassion
By Mustafa Tameez and Glenn Hamer

Minnesota Reformer (Op-Ed) Rejoice! Biden administration immigration protections for families and Dreamers will change lives.
By Juventino Meza

El Semanario (Op-Ed) Latin Americans’ participation in refugee resettlement program urgently needed
By Maribel Hastings