MAP Testimonials

Read testimonials from service members and their families, as well as MAP volunteer attorneys.


"I filed N400 in 2017 based on the military service, however, it was pending for a very long time. Then I contacted AILA MAP for legal help, (my AILA MAP attorney) volunteered to help me. He helped me request information from USCIS and responded to all my questions. When my interview came, he flew to my place during the holiday, helped me go through all the materials and attended my interview. I could not get my citizenship without his help. He is really professional, knowledgeable and supportive. This is my first attorney experience, and it is great!" - MAP Service Member, Anonymous

 MAP Service Member, Emmanuel A.

"It is a dream come true. Words cannot express our innermost gratitude to (my MAP attorney) for their coordination and effort to make my wife joining me a reality…their response to us and assistance was top notch. A million stars for good work. From the gathering of all needed information, documents and various emails to the State Department and Ghana…they are a subject matter expert in their field, and they did all that they could to make this happen. I blessed the Lord for allowing them to pick our case and bring joy to my home. I hope this program continues to exist to help my fellow petitioners who would like to bring their love ones into the country…To those who make this program available for us, a big thank you to you all. Look at our faces and see the happiness you have brought in our home. Thank you." - MAP Service Member, Emmanuel A.

"(My MAP attorney) was a joy to work with and definitely a wealth of knowledge. He was instrumental in helping me get naturalized. I am very grateful for all the hard work and effort that he put into my case. I cannot thank (him), his office, and the AILA MAP program enough. I would not be where I am today without for the joint efforts of everybody involved in my case." - MAP Service Member, Nicholas K.

"(My MAP attorney) helped me a lot with my N400 application. She walked me through the process in preparing the application as well as what documents to submit. She even explained the actual interview process and provided resources and materials that would help me. She was very thorough and I appreciate all the help she had given me." - MAP Service Member Spouse, Chris B.

"Working with (my MAP attorney) and his team has been an absolute pleasure. (He) pays great attention to detail and makes sure he follows up on every information pertaining to a case. (He) answers all the questions to the best of his knowledge and also tries to find out answers as needed. In my case, he went an extra step to reach out to the Nio lawyers to find out the latest on the MAVNI situation. Now that I got naturalized, (he) and his team are helping me to file a green card application for my spouse. (my MAP attorney) and his team are absolute professionals and a delight to work with." - MAP Service Member, Harpreet U.


"As a volunteer attorney with AILA Military Assistance Program, I feel as if I am fulfilling my JAG Corps dreams that never realized. I am a military veteran. I served five years in the US Army. Currently, I live 2 miles from my former duty station, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, where I represent military service members and their families. These cases are challenging but rewarding. I have gained an education that I probably would not have experienced as a JAG officer. I enjoy volunteering with AILA MAP." - MAP Volunteer, Angela, Virginia

MAP Volunteer, Angela

"…Thanking a military member for her or his service is appreciated but offering my time to serve a military member's loved one was my way of showing my appreciation." MAP Volunteer, Alma, Arizona

"My staff and I have assisted with about a dozen military personnel and their families through the AILA MAP program. This is an especially meaningful way for a lawyer to fulfill the professional duty of pro-bono service. You will meet a true need, as well. Our service personnel lack the resources we lawyers can provide, and it is often a fairly simple process to find a solution in an AILA MAP case. I find that as I give, I grow as a person and as a lawyer. Working within AILA MAP, it is especially gratifying to see direct benefits to service personnel and their families, from our efforts…" - MAP Volunteer, Allen, South Carolina

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