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Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Know Your Rights: What to Do If You Are Detained at a Port of Entry (LPR)

AILA provides Know Your Rights brochures so that LPRs know what to do if they are detained at a port of entry. There are three versions available, one with a link to AILA’s Immigration Lawyer Search, one that members can co-brand with contact information, and a completely customizable version.
AILA Doc. No. 18110604

Know Your Rights Handouts: If ICE Visits a Home, Employer, or Public Space

AILA provides Know Your Rights handouts in several languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Haitian Creole, and Punjabi, that address the following scenarios: ICE worksite raids (for employers), ICE home visits, and ICE public stops.
AILA Doc. No. 17113030

ICE Worksite Raid: Employer Rights and Responsibilities

AILA and the American Immigration Council provide Know Your Rights brochures on employer rights and responsibilities during ICE worksite raids. There are two versions available, one with a link to AILA’s Immigration Lawyer Search and one that members can co-brand with contact information.
AILA Doc. No. 17091232

Radio PSAs on the Importance of Seeking Help from Qualified Counsel

AILA released two Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to more than 600 radio stations (in English and Spanish) highlighting the importance of seeking help from qualified immigration attorneys. AILA members and chapters are encouraged to share these with local radio stations.
AILA Doc. No. 16122908

Know Your Rights Information for Asylum Seekers

To help families and individuals who recently entered the United States seeking refuge from violence and persecution, AILA offers information in English and Spanish on rights and responsibilities throughout the asylum process. Special thanks to Laura Lichter.
AILA Doc. No. 16070661