AILA Quicktake #237: DACA Deadline Passes

AILA's Director of Government Relations Greg Chen shares where things stand now with the DACA program now that the March 5 deadline has passed and looks ahead to the spending bill that must be passed by March 23 to fund the government. Take action:

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  • #Dreamers are at risk of being deported and they can’t plan their lives around litigation. The urgency to #ProtectDreamers is real. @GregChenAILA shares more via @AILANational

  • What comes next for #DACA and other #immigration issues with the March 23rd government funding deadline? @GregChenAILA answers via @AILANational

  • President Trump has asked for $21 billion more in next year’s budget for #enforcement. Find out what the March 23rd deadline means for funding and what you can do. via @AILANational

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