Federal Court Litigation Section Call (October 2022)

Federal Court Litigation Section Call (October 2022)

Event Date: 10/12/2022, 3pm (ET)
Format Length CLE Eligible
Zoom Meeting 61 min. No

This call will discuss the impact of the recent 4th Circuit decision Herrera-Alcala v. Garland, 39 F.4th 233 (4th Cir. 2022), in which the court held that a petition for review should be filed in the circuit where the remote immigration judge was sitting rather than where the respondent was located or where the notice to appear was filed.

Though developed for Federal Court Litigation Section members, this meeting is open to all AILA members. Joining the Federal Court Litigation Section is easy and there is no application needed. Simply go to My AILA and select "Update Sections" under the My Membership questions.

Ben Winograd, Immigrant and Refugee Appellate Center, Alexandria, VA

Trina Realmuto, National Immigration Litigation Alliance, Boston, MA

Wendy Wayne, AILA Federal Court Litigation Section Steering Committee, Boston, MA

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