AILA Waivers Online Course

AILA Waivers Online Course

AILA Waivers Online Course
Release Date: 03/04/2024
Format Modules CLE Eligible
Online Course 6 Modules Yes

The AILA Waivers Online Course includes over 21 hours of practice skills, legal analysis, and procedural tips for winning waivers of inadmissibility for your clients. The course also includes a module specific to the J-1 waiver of the exchange visitor two-year home-country physical presence requirement. By the end of the course, you will have learned about the many cutting-edge tools and techniques you will need to help you file each type of waiver successfully. Don’t miss this opportunity to jumpstart and perfect your waivers practice!

This intermediate level course includes instructional videos, downloadable quick-reference documents for you to use in your daily work, exercises where you’ll get hands-on practice, fact patterns, quizzes, discussion forums, and written articles. The course outline consists of six modules, each of which addresses a different type of waiver:

  • Module 1: Waivers for Unlawful Presence: Extreme Hardship
  • Module 2: Fraud and Misrepresentation Waivers
  • Module 3: Criminal Waivers
  • Module 4: Nonimmigrant Inadmissibility and Relief under INA §212(d)(3)(A)
  • Module 5: Public Charge and Health-Related Grounds
  • Module 6: Demystifying J Visa Waivers


Participation in this AILA online course is solely restricted to AILA members, government, and nonmember attorneys. Non-attorney attendance is limited to employees of AILA members in good standing, HR professionals who have an AILA member reference, employees of accredited educational institutions providing support to international student and scholar services at their employing institutions, and accredited representatives under 8 CFR §292.2. AILA does not permit course participation by persons who provide representation without authorization in violation of 8 CFR §292.1, such as for-profit "immigration consultants" and "notarios."

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AILA has filed for CLE credits in appropriate jurisdictions. Eligible participants can receive up to 21 total credits in 50-minute jurisdictions and up to 17.5 total credits in 60-minute jurisdictions. To receive CLE credit, attorneys must record their attendance using the CLE code provided at the end of the program via webCLE.

Course Committee 

Maurice H. Goldman, Course Committee Chair, Tucson, AZ 

Stanley P. Walker, AILA Family Section Steering Committee, Fort Walton Beach, FL  

Naveen Rahman Bhora, New York, NY 

Stefanie Fisher-Pinkert, Boston, MA 

Tammy Lin, San Diego, CA 

Jeremy A. Weber, Wyong, New South Wales, Australia 

Jonathan Willmoth, Kansas City, MO 


Kate Molski, AILA eLearning Manager, Washington, D.C. 


Course Faculty

Module 1: Waivers for Unlawful Presence: Extreme Hardship  

David N. Simmons (ML), Englewood, CO  

Rekha Sharma-Crawford, AILA Secretary, Kansas City, MO 

Chelsea Nowel, Tampa, FL 

Erich C. Straub, Milwaukee, WI  


Module 2: Fraud and Misrepresentation Waivers 

Sarah B. Pitney (ML), Washington, D.C.  

Jonathan Willmoth, Course Committee Member, Kansas City, MO   

Elina Magaly Santana, Miami, FL  


Module 3: Criminal Waivers 

Sabrina Rachel Damast (ML), AILA Southern California Chapter Chair/Amicus Committee Chair, Los Angeles, CA  

Lisa Chun, Chicago, IL  

John Nicholas Sinodis, San Francisco, CA 


Module 4: Nonimmigrant Inadmissibility and Relief under INA §212(d)(3)(A)  

Jeremy A. Weber (ML), Course Committee Member, Wyong, New South Wales  

Jessica Dawn Jensen, Business Section Steering Committee/Investment Committee, Winnipeg, Canada  

Olivia M. McLaren, Edinburgh, UK  


Module 5: Public Charge and Health-Related Grounds 

Veronica Barba (ML), Los Angeles, CA   

Charles Wheeler, AILA Author Immigration Law and the Family, 7th ed. / Public Charge and Affidavits of Support, 2nd ed. / Provisional Waivers, 3rd ed. / AILA’s Focus on the Child Status Protection Act, 3rd ed., Berkeley, CA  

Rebecca Kitson, Albuquerque, NM  


Module 6: Demystifying J Visa Waivers 

Kathleen Campbell Walker (ML), AILA Past President, El Paso, TX  

Brian Christopher Schmitt, Westminister, MD  

Elissa J. Taub, Memphis, TN