Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) Immigration & Nationality Act (INA)

Immigration & Nationality Act (INA)

Immigration & Nationality Act (INA), 2024 ed. (Print)


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Immigration & Nationality Act (INA), 2024 ed. (Print)
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Immigration Regulations (CFR), 2024 ed. (Two-Volume Set) (Print)
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The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) is the most important source of immigration law.

AILA's INA volume, updated through April 12, 2024, also includes the immigration-related statutes that appear in Title 8 of the U.S. Code but are not part of the Immigration & Nationality Act, making this publication even more valuable.

With an easy-to-follow layout, compact size, and low price, the Immigration and Nationality Act available from AILA is a key primary source reference for the immigration practitioner.

Annotations by AILA’s editorial staff add context beyond the statutory text. You will find notes throughout the book relating to matters such as sunset provisions, congressional drafting errors, and applicability information. The book also includes a detailed, comprehensive index.

Click the Look Inside tab to view an example page from the INA and an excerpt from the index.

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