Using ChatGPT: Improve Your Results by Learning Prompt Engineering

Using ChatGPT: Improve Your Results by Learning Prompt Engineering

Using ChatGPT: Improve Your Results by Learning Prompt Engineering (Seminar Recording - No CLE)
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Live Event Date: 03/08/2024
Format Length CLE Eligible
Web Seminar 90 min. No

ChatGPT and similar generative artificial intelligence (AI) products are powerful research and document generation tools, but they require thoughtfully designed queries to unleash their true power. The growing science of “prompt engineering” will transform your experience of using AI in legal work, saving time and generating better outcomes. Our panel of experts will provide guidance and offer practical tips and tricks to draft inquiries in ChatGPT, so that you receive increasingly accurate and valuable results.

Featured Topics:

  • Gaining the essential skills for using AI in your legal work
  • The importance of sequencing in your prompts
  • Learning to build prompts step-by-step
  • Preparation, providing context, and setting instructions for output
  • Modifying prompts or iterating your queries to improve results
  • Ethical considerations

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Reid F. Trautz (DL), AILA Director of Practice and Professionalism, Washington, D.C.

Gregory H. Siskind, AILA Author, AILA’s Immigration Law Practice and Procedure Manual: A “Cookbook” of Essential Practice Materials, 3rd ed., Memphis, TN

Jared Jaskot, Baltimore, MD

Amélie Sophie Vavrovsky, Founder, Formally, Stanford, CA

The speaker's/author's views do not necessarily represent the views of AILA, nor do they constitute legal advice or representation. Practice tips provided are based on the speaker's/author's experiences and the current state of the law. Please be sure to conduct legal research and analysis for your unique situation as the law changes quickly and experiences may differ from your own.