AILA Welcome Approval of James Ziglar as INS Commissioner

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August 1, 2001 Amanda Carufel
Public Affairs Manager
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Immigration Lawyers Welcome Ziglar Approval

Look Forward to Working with INS Commissioner

WASHINGTON - The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), the national association of more than 7,200 practicing immigration attorneys, today welcomes the approval by the Senate of James Ziglar to head the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). AILA looks forward to working with Mr. Ziglar on immigration issues that are important to our country, American citizens, American businesses, legal permanent residents, and others. 

At his hearing two weeks ago, Ziglar presented his four goals as Commissioner: Everyone who comes into contact with the INS will be treated with respect and dignity; Everyone who submits a petition to the INS will get an efficient and hopefully short processing time, regardless of the outcome; the agency will be reenergized and its culture changed; the agency will be restructured rationally.

In a statement at his hearing, Ziglar said, "[The] people who come to our shores… provide important services, labor and ideas that keep our economy strong and vibrant. …They refresh and in fact, embody, the American spirit." He also noted, "Immigration is a virtue, not a distraction or a danger."

"AILA and its members look forward to working with Mr. Ziglar and continuing a partnership through which we can focus on areas that need attention, develop solutions to long-standing issues, and create opportunities to help the agency advance its mission," said Steven M. Ladik, AILA's President.

"Commissioner Ziglar," concluded Ladik, "has the opportunity and responsibility to turn the INS into an effective, efficient and fair agency. He has a difficult job ahead of him, and we offer him our encouragement and assistance." 



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