FY2007 H-1B Advanced Degree Cap Usage Figures Surpass 18,000

On July 24, 2006, USCIS updated the current cap count with new data gathered as of July 23. The number of approved and receipted pending petitions has now reached 18,368. Approximately 374 H-1B Advanced Degree petitions have been received but not yet data-entered and receipted. As of July 23, the combined approximate total is 18,742.

Data gathered on July 18 and posted to the USCIS website on July 19 showed that approximately 17,351 petitions had been approved, data-entered, or received but not yet processed as of July 18. Thus, USCIS received approximately 1,391 petitions in the course of three business days.

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 06072516.