Information on the INS's DMIA Task Force

Task Force of the INS Data Management Improvement Act of 2000

The Immigration and Naturalization Service Data Management Improvement Act (DMIA) of 2000 created a Task Force to evaluate how the flow of traffic at United States airports, seaports and land border ports of entry can be improved while enhancing security and implementing systems for data collection and data sharing. Initially the Task Force will focus on an electronic entry and exit data system to identify lawfully admitted non-immigrants that remain in the United States beyond their authorized time limitation, commonly referred to as visa overstays.

The DMIA Task Force is comprised of 17 officials from six Federal agencies, two state and local governmental groups and nine private industry trade and travel organizations. The members bring together the expertise and enthusiasm necessary to find solutions to address our Nation’s commercial facilitation needs consistent with increased security concerns.

Congress charged the DMIA Task Force with:

  • Enhancing systems for data collection and data sharing, including the integrated entry and exit data system by better use of technology, resources and personnel;

  • Increasing cooperation between the public and private sectors;

  • Increasing cooperation among Federal agencies and among Federal and State agencies;

  • Modifying information technology systems while taking into account the different data systems, infrastructure, and processing procedures of airports, seaports, and land border ports of entry.

The first DMIA Task Force meeting was held on February 20, 2002 at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) headquarters in Washington, DC. James Ziglar, the INS Commissioner, addressed the Task Force members and stressed his willingness to work with them in devising methods of facilitating travel and commerce while enhancing security at our nations borders.

Annual reports with DMIA Task Force findings, conclusions and recommendations must be made to Congress, with the first report due by December 31, 2002.

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size="+1" new roman>Data Management Improvement Act Task Force Membership

Mr. Michael Cronin
Designated Chairman
Immigration and Naturalization Service
425 I Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20536
Ms. Dominica Gutierrez
Executive Director
Immigration and Naturalization Service
425 I Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20536
Government Representatives
  • Helen Marano, Director, Office of Travel & Tourism Industries, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Don Prosnitz, Chief Science & Technology Advisor, U.S. Department of Justice
  • Martha Sardinas, Chief, Interagency Systems Liaison, Visa Office, U.S. Department of State
  • Mariam Moses, Senior Advisor to the Undersecretary for Enforcement, U.S. Department of Treasury
  • Captain Christopher J. McMahon, Special Assistant to the Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation
State and Local Representatives
  • Jeffrey D. Arnold, Deputy Director, Legislative Affairs, The National Association of Counties
  • Nolan E. Jones, Ph.D, Director, Human Resources, The National Governors Association (NGA)
Private Interest Group Representatives
  • J. Michael Crye, President, International Council of Cruise Lines
  • Randel K. Johnson, Vice President, Labor and Employee Benefits, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Barbara Kostuk, Director, Federal Affairs and Facilitation, Air Transport Association (ATA)
  • Dawn E. Lucini, Manager, Regulatory Affairs, The Airports Council International (ACI)
  • Kurt Nagle, Authorities, President & Chief Executive Officer, The American Association of Port Authorities
  • James D. Phillips, Alliance, President & Chief Executive Officer, The Canadian/American Border Trade Alliance
  • Luis E. Ramirez Thomas, Chair, The Border Trade Alliance
  • Martin Rojas, Director, Office of Customs, Immigration & Cross Border Operations, American Trucking Associations, Inc.
  • Richard A. Webster, Director, Government Affairs, Travel Industry Association of America

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