Projected Processing Times for MSC (5/1/02)

Missouri Service Center Projected Processing Time With IBIS for Future New Filings After June 1, 2002

Application/Petition Type Projected Processing Time 
For Future New Filings
I-485 LIFE 300 days#
I-817 Family Unity  180 days
I-690 Waivers  300 days
I-539 V1/2/3  180 days*
I-129 K3/K4 60 days
I-765  120 days**
I-131 Advanced Parole  30 days

# Includes concurrently filed I-765 and/or I-131

* Completion of I-539s require fingerprints to be completed.

** Completion of I-765s dependent on an I-539 require fingerprints to be completed.

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