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Nebraska Service Center Processing Time Report (1/15/03)


Nebraska Service Center                                                                                                                 Processing Time Report 
January 15, 2003


We are Processing cases with 
receipt notice dates on or before:

  I-90 to replace lost, damaged or destroyed I-551  4/3/02
I-90 to renew expiring I-551  4/2/02
I-102 for replacement/initial nonimmigrant arrival/departure form  1/24/02
I-129 for H1B classification 10/25/02 I-129 for H2A classification  1/1/03
I-129 for H2B classification  11/21/02
I-129 for H3 classification  11/15/02
I-129 for L classification  12/25/02
  I-129 for Blanket L petition 12/19/02
I-129 for O classification  11/4/02
  I-129 for P classification  12/9/02
I-129 for Q or R classification  11/19/02
  I-129 for TN classification  12/23/02
I-129F (fiancĂ©e)  8/8/02
I-130 for spouse, parent or child (under21) of a United States citizen  5/20/02
I-130 for son or daughter (over 21) of a United States citizen   4/14/01
  I-130 for brother or sister of a United States citizen  4/14/01
I-130 for spouse of a lawful permanent resident  4/12/01 
I-130 for unmarried child under 21 of a lawful permanent resident  4/14/01
I-130 for unmarried son or daughter over 21 of lawful permanent resident  4/14/01
I-131 for Advance Parole  11/26/02 
I-131 for Advance Parole for HRIFA principal applicant  4/17/02
I-131 for Reentry Permit  5/17/02
I-131 for Refugee Travel Document  12/9/02
I-140 A (extraordinary ability)  10/11/02
I-140 B (outstanding professor or researcher)   8/26/02
I-140 C (multinational executive or manager)  10/7/02 
I-140 D (professional holding adv. degree/alien of exceptional ability)  10/29/02 
I-140 E (skilled worker or professional)  11/5/02
I-140 I (National Interest Waiver)  8/26/02
I-140 G (other worker)  10/31/02
I-212 permission to reapply for admission after deportation/removal  9/12/02 
I-360 petition for Amerasian, widow(er), or Special Immigrant  8/2/02
I-485 Asylum-based  2/1/99
I-485 Refugee-based  8/1/01
I-485 Employment-based  8/1/01
I-485 Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act (HRIFA)-based  12/18/99 
I-526 Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur 

not processed at the NSC 

I-539 for extension of stay for F or M non-immigrant  11/22/02
I-539 for extension of stay for J non-immigrant  1/1/03
I-539 for extension of stay for L or H non-immigrant  10/23/02 
I-539 for extension of stay for other non-immigrant   9/26/02
I-539 to change nonimmigrant classification to F or M  10/1/02 
I-539 to change nonimmigrant classification to J  12/12/02 
I-539 to change nonimmigrant classification to L or H  10/17/02
I-539 to change to other nonimmigrant classification  8/28/02 
I-612 waiver of foreign residence requirement  9/16/02
  I-730 Refugee/Asylee Relative Petition  7/4/02 
I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence  5/24/02
I-765 for initial asylee or asylum applicant authorization  11/20/02
  I-765 for employment authorization associated with Hurricane Mitch TPS  1/1/03
I-765 for employment authorization associated with El Salvador TPS  8/27/02
I-765 for employment authorization while I-485 is pending  11/26/02
  I-765 for all other employment authorization  10/25/02
I-817 Application for Family Unity Benefits   8/20/02 
I-821 for El Salvador  8/27/02
I-821 for Hurricane Mitch countries  1/1/03
I-824 Application for Action on an Approved Application or Petition  1/21/02
I-829 Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions  not processed at the NSC 
I-914 Application for T Non-Immigrant  not processed at the NSC


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