Sign-On Letter Opposing Proposed Regulatory Changes to the BIA

March 20, 2002

The Honorable John Ashcroft
Attorney General
Department of Justice
Tenth Street and Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20530

Charles K. Adkins-Blanch, General Counsel
Executive Office for Immigration Review
5107 Leesburg Pike, Suite 2400
Falls Church, VA  22041

Dear Attorney General Ashcroft and Mr. Adkins-Blanch:

The undersigned individuals write to express our grave concerns about the proposed regulatory changes to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) that you issued on February 19.  We take issue with both the substance of these reported changes and the comment period of thirty days which is insufficient to address a reform of this magnitude. 

The changes to the BIA that you have proposed will amount to a denial of a review.  Of special concern are the measures that make single-Member review the norm; eliminate de novo review of factual issues; establish a series of time limits geared toward expediting the adjudication process that could substitute efficiency for fairness; reduce the Board from 23 to 11; and implement a backlog elimination “transition period” of 180-days that sacrifices fairness for efficiency.

While we support your stated goal of ensuring that the BIA achieve timely and efficient adjudications and backlog reduction, we believe that this proposal would not successfully address the backlog and case time concerns, but, instead, would cause due process to suffer.  In lieu of moving forward with this proposal, we call on you to bring together interested constituencies to examine and recommend proposals to improve administrative review in a way that will affirm the independence and impartiality of the BIA, facilitate immigrants’ access to the BIA, enhance due process, efficiency, accountability, and consistency, and facilitate oversight and review.   We oppose the proposed regulation and believe that:  

  • Existing backlogs are not the result of inefficiency, but reflect a lack of resources.
  • A reduction in the number of Board Members does not serve the interests of fairness or efficiency. 
  • Eliminating the BIA’s de novo factual review will increase dramatically both the number of cases remanded and the number of appeals taken to the federal courts.
  • Three judge panels should remain the norm, not the exception.

Reforming the BIA is an important activity and should involve increasing the number of Board Members, improving the screening of cases that have limited factual or legal disputes, and instituting programs to provide free legal representation in meritorious matters. It is vitally important that immigration courts be independent, impartial and include meaningful checks and balances. Specifically, any reforms should reflect the following considerations:  

  • The independence and impartiality of the immigration judges and the immigration court system must be affirmed;
  • Proposed changes must facilitate, not erode, immigrants’ access to the BIA and federal courts, consistent with due process requirements; and 
  • Any changes also must enhance efficiency, increase accuracy, acceptability, accountability and consistency, and facilitate oversight and review.                


Ted  H. Wu,  Houston Texas
Jennifer Suet F. Lim, Los Angeles California
David Froman, San Diego, California
Daniel C. Learned, East Lansing, Michigan
Kirsten Schlenger, San Francisco, California
Estelle F. Regolsky, Roslindale, Maryland
Melissa Werger, New York, New York
James O'Keefe, Cumberland, Maine
Priscilla Labovitz, Takoma Park, Maryland
Theodore Ruthizer, New York, New York
Alexis Pong, San Francisco, California
Andrew R. Lerner, New York, New York
Alicia Szyffer, New York, New York
Jim Tom Haynes, Washington, D.C.
Joan K. Betesh, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
Jon Landau, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jimmy Wu, Bellevue, Washington
James D. Eiss, Buffalo, New York
Angie R, Hoffman, Los Angeles, California
Aimee Clark Todd, Nashville, Tennessee
Marin K, Ritter, Cleveland, Ohio
Michael E. Karpas, Annandale, Virginia
Rusty O’Brien, Louisville, Kentucky
Jonathan P. Rose, Miami, Florida
J. Claire Razzolini, San Francisco, California
K. Jayaraman, Memphis, Tennessee
Ty. S. Wahab Twibell, Kansas City, Missouri
Eleanor Kaplan Adams, San Diego, California
Sharon Stevenson, Decatur, Georgia
Janice Godtland, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Wafa Abdin, Houston, Texas
Donald W. Dyer, Richmond, Virginia 
Mara Kimmel, Anchorage, Alaska
Joseph Vail, Houston, Texas
Richard S. Fischer, Nacogdoches, Texas
Norton Tooby, Oakland, California
Ira J. Kurzban, Miami, Florida
Cynthia Irvine, Seattle, Washington
Vikram Badrinath, Tucson, Arizona
Karl Hack, Olympia, Washington
Barbara Hines, Austin, Texas
Eleanor Pelta, Potomac, Maryland
Deborah Notkin, Harrison, New York
Andrea Siemens, Washington, D.C.
Leah Iraheta, Seattle, Washington
Lynn Marcus, Tucson, Arizona
Jennifer N. Foster, Oakland, CA
Andrea Parra, Seattle, Washington
J. Ryan Moore, Tucson, AZ
Marc Van Der Hout, San Francisco, CA
Stephen Yale-Loehr, Ithaca, NY
Gittel Gordon, Marina Del Rey, California
Philip Smith, Portland, Oregon
Raquel Hecht, Portland, Oregon
Nicole Nelson, Portland, Oregon
Teuta Norman Portland, Oregon
Rachel Kieke, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mary Waltermire, Sacramento, California
Michael Schoenleber, Sacramento, California
Jane Hanson, Sacramento, California
Kimberly Haky, Sacramento, California
Philip Hornik, Portland, Oregon
Christopher J Stender, Phoenix, Arizona
Carol B. Lehman, Lakewood, Colorado
Claudia Slovinsky, New York, N.Y.
Erika Anne Kreider, Tucson, AZ
Simon M. Azar-Farr, San Antonio, Texas
Lisa Reiner-Sotelo,Jamaica, New York
Lisa Ellen Seifert, Olympia, Washington
Denyse Sabagh, Washington, D.C.
Mary A. Kenney, Baltimore, MD
Robert E. Juceam, Washington, DC
Jodi Goodwin, Harlingen, Texas
Cesar R. Ternieden, Florence, Arizona
Jon Eric Garde, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tom Yougjohn, Federal Way, Washington
Moira Fisher Preda, Miami, Florida
Monique H. Kornfeld, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Steve Paek, Pasadena, California
Robert A. Eckerson, Lincoln, Nebraska
Dianne R. Chappell-Daly, Syracuse, New York
Christina B. Labrie, New York, New York
M. Thomas Lobasz, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Deborah M. Weissman, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Bruce A. Hake, Damascus, Maryland.
Dan Kowalski, Austin, Texas
Johnathan Tamez, Austin, Texas
Lyn S. Olinger, Colleyville, Texas
Varujan Agemian, Glendale, California
Gani Pola, Bridgewate, New Jersey
Eli Maroko, W Bloomfield, Michigan
Fabian C. Serrato, Santa Anna, California
Mark J. Curley, Omaha, Nebraska
Paula S. Waddle, Corpus Christi, Texas
Pnina R. Graff, Beverly Hills, California
Minal Fenton, Oakland, California
Peter T. Bauman, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
Kilberly A. Kolch, Williamsville, New York
Kevin Murphy, South Hadley, Massachusetts
Mary Nietling, Knoxville, Tennessee
Kathleen L. Grzegorek, Los Angeles, California
Anthony J. Keeber, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Margaret David, Los Angeles, California
Peter L. Ashman, Las Vegas, Nevada
Rebecca White, Seattle, Washington
Richard B. Berman, Kula, Maui, Hawaii
Larainne A. Ryan, Wilmington, Delaware
Grace Huang, Seattle, Washington
Mark J. Curley, Omaha, Nebraska
Daniel G. Gold, Redondo Beach, California
Mardy M. Sproule, Long Beach, California
Cesar Nava, Simi Valley California
Paula S.Waddle, Corpus Christi, Texas
Adam J. Rosser, Alexandria, Virginia
Peter T. Baumann, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
Manjunath Gokare, Alpharetta, Georgia
Kendra L. Bunn, Jacksonville, Florida
Tifany E. Markee, San Diego, California
Andrea Godfread-Brown, Syracuse, New York
Catherine M. Parker, Los Angeles, California
Gretchen P. Aylward, Buffalo, New York
Charles H. Kuck, Norcross, Georgia
Alisha L. Clester, Houston, Texas
Tatiana B. Durback, Trenton, New Jersey
Daniel Aidif, Orlando, Florida
Robert L. Demoss II, Montgomery, Alabama
Marina Pineda-Kamarioti, San Francisco, California  
Rachel Kieke, Minneapolis, Minnesota   
Anthony F. Earle, Los Altos, California  
M. Nicole Morrison, Houston, Texas 
Scot a. Keillor, Ann Arbor, Michigan  
Todd Pilcher, Washington D.C.  
Ali Mahmoud, Nashville, Tennessee  
Francis E. Chin, Boston, Massachusetts 
Carlone Ostrom, Minneapolis, Minnesota   
Dick Ginsburg, Hillsboro, Oregon
Cheryl Martinez-Gloria, Denver, Colorado  
Raquel M. Fonte, Los Angeles, California  
Ben Boothe, Dallas, Texas 
Andrew  B. Slusser, Asheville, North Carolina  
Michael Maggio, Washington, D.C.  
Roshani M. Gunewardene ,Altamonte Springs, Florida  
Sevtlana Schreiber, Cleveland, Ohio  
Eric McGillivary, Bakersfield, California  
Mario Ramos, Nashville, Tennessee  
Andrew J. Vazquez, Burbank, California
Mira Mdivani, Overland Park, Kansas 
Robert Gottfried, Plainview, New York  
Nancy A. Falgout, Houston, Texas  
Judy London, Los Angeles, California  
Marisa DeFranco, Peabody, Massachusetts 
Cheryl F. Gertler, Los Angeles, California  
Gudrun M. Nickel, Naples, Florida  
Brian L. Aust, St. Paul, Minnesota 
Ricardo E. Viscarra, Los Angeles, California  
Emily L. Boochever, Brunswick, Maine  
Nestor Rosin, Houston, Texas  
Nelsom Lam, San Francisco, California  
Karla De La Torre, Long Beach, California  
Eilen C. Shimizu, Washington, D.C.  
Kathleen M. Curley, Melrose, Massachusetts 
Nancy Alaine Peterson, St Paul, Minnesota  
Lisa H. Donnelley, Anchorage, Alaska  
M. Esther Del Toro, Bryan, Texas  
Morris H. Deutsch, Washington, D.C.  
Edward White, Abington, Massachusetts 
Karen Meade, Cleveland, Ohio  
Atoosa R. Reaser, Arlington, Virginia  
Antoinette Belongoff, San Francisco, California  
Raman E. Rivera, Syracuse, New York  
Cynthia Irvine, Seattle, Washington  
George A. Lane, Fort Lauderdale, Florida  
Randall B. Allen, San Francisco, California  
H. Glenn Fogle Jr., Atlanta, Georgia  
Rose Ryan, Stow, Massachusetts 
Edward J. Carroll, Essex Junction, Vermont 
Dianne Padilla, Chicago, Illinois  
Brian John Halliday, Shaker Heights, Ohio  
Simon Edelstein, Birmingham, Michigan  
Barbara A. Marcouiller, Mercer Island, Washington  
Terry K. Friedman, Cortlandt Manor, New York  
Joan M. Altamore, Rosalindale, Massachusetts 
Cynthia A. Aziz, Charlotte, North Carolina  
Ramon Carrion, Clearwater, Florida  
Seth Brandt, Tigard, Oregon  
Elizabeth Kohler, Washington, D.C. 
Ralf D. Weideman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  
Fengling Liu, New York, New York  
Ann Kanter, Sacramento, California  
Jeannette Zanipatin, Suisun, California  
Nancy Power, Woodside, New York  
Leda GuiQuin Fan, Slidell, Louisiana  
Dennis McCaffrey, Salem, Oregon  
Bille Gray, Carlsbad, California  
Ron Wada, Fairfax, California  
Sophie Zdatny, Morgantown, West Virginia  
Jayshree J. Patel, Iselin, New Jersey  
Richard Maney, Tampa, Florida 
John Wolfgang, Gehart, Los Angeles 
Carlos Vellanoweth, Los Angeles, California
Elena Yampolsky, Los Angeles, California  
Stephen Singer, New York, New York  
Yong Wang, New York, New York  
Jennifer Doerrie Langford, Atlanta, Georgia  
Derek Gray, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania  
Marc Seguinot, Fairfax, Virginia  
Fernando Quiñones, San Francisco, California
Pablo Fernandez-Herrera, West Harrison, New York  
Maria Janossy, Pasadena, California
Lawrence D. Bastone, Boston, Massachusetts 
P. Halewood Chesebrough, Largo, Florida  
Robert D. Glessner, York, Pennsylvania  
Scott M. Beller, Chicago, Illinois 
Emily Leung, San Francisco, California  
Caroline Kay Bang, New York, New York  
Parastou Hassouri, Brooklyn, New York  
John Cowhig, La Crescenta, California  
Alice Hall, Oakland, California  
Peter Darvin, Portland, Maine 
Michele Sisselman, Watertown, Massachusetts  
Dixon Wong, San Gabriel, California  
Robert Pauw, Seattle, Washington 
Monica L. Caballero, San Antonio, Texas
Robert H. Etneyre, Houston, Texas 
Joe Zhenghong Zhou, Flushing, New York  
Thomas M. Sweeney, Kansas City, Missouri  
Susana Martinez, Los Angeles, California  
Timothy P. Keohane, Miami, Florida  
Bryan Scott Hicks, Lebanon, Ohio  
Yvette M. Mastin, Houston, Texas  
Carolina Kay Bang , New York, New York  
Gerald O. Hicks, Allston, Massachusetts  
Sandra, Cherfreere, Miramar, Florida  
Fausta M. Albi, San Diego, California  
Philip Cherfrere, Miami, Florida 
Steven R. Lawrence, Salt Lake City, Utah  
Dustin W.Dyer, Richmond, Virginia  
Paul D. Cass, Los Angeles Times, California  
Ann Lipson, Berkeley, California  
Frank Carvajal, Santa Ana, California  
Susan Ball, Ann Arbo, Michigan  
Jack Herzig, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania  
David W. Ewing, San Francisco, California  
Philip Berns, Stamford, Connecticut  
Amelia L. Ramer, Reston, Virginia

Marianne Gonko, Mesa, Arizona

M. Audrey Carr, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Marshall Cohen, Atlanta, Georgia

Dianne Rae Hurtt, Lafayette, Indiana

Monika D. Ludwig, Naples, Florida

Anna Marie Gallagher, Washington D.C.

Neil F. Lewis, Tampa, Florida

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Dolly Fairclough, Atlanta, Georgia

Julie Dinnerstein, New York, New York

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Tim Everet, Los Angeles, California

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Jeany Mark, Washington, D.C.

Christopher Teras, Washington, D.C.

Julio A. Nolla-Amada, Miami, Florida

Claro L. Mamaril, Vallejo, California

Sardar N. Durrani, Madison, Wisconsin

Ann Block, Davis California

Rick Mockler, Davis California

Xiao Bing Xu, Orlando, California

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Raymond P. D’Uva, Newark, New Jersey

Bill Francisco, Johnson City, Tennessee

Leora Sallis, New York, New York

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Lorenzo M. Lleras, Gainsville, Florida

Erika Anne Kreider, Tucson, Arizona

Amy Karyo, New York, New York

Carla Gonzalez Burkhard, Durham, North Carolina

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Mark Potter, Vancouver, Washington

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John Boudia, West Bloomfield, Michigan

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David S. Berger, Miami, Florida

Melissa Hafner, San Antonio, Texas

Rachel Quitkin, New York, New York

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Nisha Karnani, Atlanta, Georgia

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Scott D. Pollock, Chicago, Illinois

Eleanor J. Newhoff, Cambridge, MA 

Bill Bernstein, Dallas, Texas

Molly Mckennna, Washington, D.C.

Sheila M. Stuhlman, Minneapolis, MN

Omar A. Syed, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Bobby C. Chung, Torrance, California

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Sheila J. Starklet, Washington, D.C.

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Kathleen Lord, Santa Cruz, California

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Michael A. Fracassi, Washington, D.C.

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Maunica Sthanki,Baton Rouge, LA

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Joan Abbot, Newton, Massachusetts

Jolanta Dziadowicz-Urbaniak, Hamtramck

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Laura Khatcheressian, Richmond, Virginia

Leslye E. Orloff, Bethesda, Maryland

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Suzanne Brown St. Louis, Missouri

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Susan Schaier New York, New York

Rebecca L. Maxey Anchorage, Alaska

Charles R. Tribbitt New York, New York

Christine Flowers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Niloofar A. Adili Oakton, Virginia

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Laura Danielson Minneapolis, Minnesota

Victoria Donnenberg The Woodlands, Texas

Morrie P. Mourian Plano, Texas

Carlina Tapia-Ruano Chicago, Illinois

Daniel Shanfield Brooklyn, New York

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Irena Leiberman Arlington, Virginia

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Aetna Thompson Rockville, Maryland

Raluca Oncioiu New York, New York

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James G. Gavin Burlington, New Jersey

L. Edward Rios Portland, Maine

Elizabeth Kirberger New York, New York

Jacob M. Weisberg Fresno, California

Lonnie Hank Robin Fort Worth, Texas

Hayacinth Leus Los Angeles, California

Ryan Stark Lilienthal Princeton, New Jersey

Judith K. Furukawa Waterloo, Belgium

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Norton Tooby Oakland, California

Paul Hribernick Portland, Oregon

Maureen Ebersole San Francisco, California

Charla Haas Nashville, Tennessee

David Rubman Evanston, Illinois

Boyd F. Campbell Montgomery, Alabama

Greg Boos Bellingham, Washington

Angelo A.Paparelli Irvine, California

Allison Spitz-Perry New York, New York

Paige l. Taylor Rowlett, Texas

Howard G. Skolnick Houston, Texas

Mari Maemoto Jackson Heights, New York

Terry Yale Feirtag Chicago, Illinois

Mahsi Aliaskari Centreville, Virginia

Carla Pereira Brooklyn, New York

Stephen h. Smalley Raleigh, North Carolina

Nunotte Zama Melrose, Massachusetts

Frannie Mok-Wang California

Dorothy j. Harper St. Louis, Missouri

Clifford Y. Wang Oakland, California

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Lisa D. Duran Phoenix, Arizona

Michael M. Considine Sacramento, California

Bradley Maged Watertown, Massachusetts

Jeffrey R. Zoub Tuscon, Arizona

Jeffrey W. Goldman Swampscott, Massachusetts

Alexa Forte Portland, Oregon

Sharon L. Ames Syracuse, New York

Aggie R. Hoffman Los Angeles, California

Christopher W. Drinan Boston, Massachusetts

Linette Tobin Mt. Rainier, Maryland

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Frank Retman Seattle, Washington

Gerard D’Souza Lakewood, Ohio

Quincy A. Shang Atlanta, Georgia

Jesse Moorman Los Angeles, California

Kenneth Forman North Miami, Florida

Alan Bennett San Francisco, California

Clarice F. Liao Woodland Hills, California

Jane Orgel New York, New York

William Fong Houston, Texas

James R. Patterson San Diego, California

James Pack Newport Beach, California

Julie Rate Perkins Belmont, Massachusetts

Irene S. Chang Falls Church, Virginia

Lisa M. Jacobs Winchendon, Massachusetts

Phyllis Jewell Tiburon, California

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Kevin Lederman Seattle, Washington

Suishta Saigal Weehawken New Jersey

Albert Mokhiber Alexandria, Virginia

Victoria L. Seltum Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Rev. Michael J. Burke Prospect Park, New Jersey

Susan M. Roberts St. Cloud, Minnesota

Terry Weir Houston, Texas

William J. Coffman Attleboro, Massachusetts

Frank Lipiner New York, New York

Ankur P. Dalal Baltimore, Maryland

Margaret H. Taylor Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Amelia Varela Buford, Georgia

Mary Rose Nwadike Silver Spring, Maryland

Justine M. Daly San Antonio, Texas

Eunice Becker New York, New York

Sam Alkhatib Dearborn, Michigan

Harvey Kaplan Boston, Massachusetts

Juana Maria Mangaoang Seattle, Washington 

Conrad E. Pollack New York, New York 

Richard Sindelar Houston, Texas 

Robin R. Spencer Hopkins, Minnesota 

David Bloomfield Columbus, Ohio 

Hamel Vyas Buffalo, New York 

James D. Pearson Fairfield, Iowa 

Julia A. Rice Chicago, Illinois 

Gary J. Ilagan Sugar Land, Texas 

Robert A. Remes Washington, DC 

Roxana C. Bacon Phoenix, Arizona 

Francis E. Johnson Westwood, Massachusetts 

Kaushik Ranchod San Francisco, California 

Roger C. Wolf Tucson, Arizona 

Jack V. Bournazian San Diego, California 

Herbert D. Nowlin Ventura, California 

David Wilson St. Paul, Minnesota 

Lucy Rodriguez Palo Alto, California 

R. Wayne McMillan Pasadena, California 

Lisa Elgersma San Clemente, California 

Robert M. Foley Seattle, Washington 

Debra Schneider Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Maria L. Santos Chelmsford, Massachusetts 

Kenneth A. Cohen Buffalo, New York 

Elizabeth Laas Cohasset, Massachusetts 

David S. Rugendorf Los Angeles, California 

David Landry San Diego, California 

Patricia Depew Los Angeles, California 

Mario Ramos Nashville, Tennessee 

William Gerstein Boca Raton, Florida 

Laura N. Jasinsky Westport, Connecticut 

Pamela Loh Veljacic Portland, Oregon 

Michael H. Sharon Cleveland, Ohio 

Patricia Swartz Niagra Falls, New York 

Elizabeth B. Leete West Hartford, Connecticut 

Sakiko Yoshioka Houston, Texas 

Rakesh Mehrotra Vienna, Virginia 

Krista L. Carpenter Troy, Michigan 

Amie Miller San Francisco, California 

Jeffrey C. Bloom New Rochelle, New York 

Thad Servi Atlanta, Georgia 

Dorany Rodriguez-Baltazar Riverton, Utah 

Jodi Goodwin Harlingen, Texas 

Peggy Weiber Raleigh, North Carolina 

Daniel Maranci Boston, Massachusetts 

Ayodele Gansallo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Sufen Li Birmingham, Michigan 

Anya Sykes Reston, Virginia 

Johnny K. M. Poon Denver, Colorado 

Kathleen Poppenger Livonia, Michigan 

Susan Im Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Sarah Ignatius Boston, Massachusetts 

Richard M. Green Northborough, Massachusetts 

Meredith McGowan New York, New York 

David E. Larson Dayton, Ohio 

Jane M. Schoener Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Pakhi Sengupta Brooklyn, New York 

Joel Paget Seattle, Washington 

Kwadwo Frimpong Boston, Massachusetts 

John M. Mick Rowley, Massachusetts 

Stephen Knight San Francisco, California 

Teodulo A. Henriquez New York, New York 

Diana C. Bauerle Chicago, Illinois 

Richard Hanus Chicago, Illinois 

Marshall Fitz Washington, DC 

Javier N. Maldonado San Antonio, Texas 

Cheryl Mason Iowa City, Iowa 

Mario Ramos Nashville, Tennessee 

Jose M. Guerrero Mason, Tennessee 

Cecile Muller Johnson City, Tennessee 

Sheila T. Starkey Bethesda, Maryland 

Cora Tekach Washington, DC 

Abdulhakim Mohamed Nashville, Tennessee 

Noemi E. Masliah New York, New York 

Joann M. Hennessey Miami Beach, Florida 

Elizabeth Ortecho New York, New York 

Julie Furguson Miami, Florida 

IrisGomez Milton, Massachusetts 

Loan Huynh Minneapolis, Minnesota 

James Hallagan Park Ridge, Illinois 

Attracta Kelly Raleigh, North Carolina 

Aubra Fletcher Berkeley, California 

Julie Zimmer St. Paul, Minnesota 

Darlene Dehmer Coon Rapids, Minnesota 

Susan Mills Providence, Rhode Island 

Isabella Mayzel Union, New Jersey 

Kolua Seiko Newport Beach, California 

Marielo P. Puerta Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Carter Moody Nashville, Tennessee 

Joanna Unze Seattle, Washington 

Laura F. Bachman Houston, Texas 

Daniel Huang Los Angeles, California 

Elsa T. Gonzalez Dallas, Texas 

Steven Mukamal New York, New York 

Daniel J. Roemer Walnut Creek, California 

David W. Kwan Las Vegas, Nevada 

Marien Sorensen Davis, California 

Cesar R. Ternieden Florence, Arizona 

Suzanne Vasquez Tampa, Florida 

Susan M. Akram Belmont, Massachusetts 

Yalila Guerrero Houston, Texas 

Katie Peinovich Brooklyn, New York 

Theresa Vasoli Portland, Oregon

Nyema E. Weli Marietta, Georgia

Adrien Vanderlinden New York, New York

Nancy-Jo Merritt Phoenix, Arizona

Maria A. Frias La Habra, California

Lane McFee Denver, Colorado

Maria R. Rosciglione Buffalo, New York
Cynthia C. Arn Portland, Maine

Lynn Neugebauer New York, New York

Amada Orendain Miami, Florida

Paul Djurisic Chicago, Illinois

Pamela D. Kennedy Albuquerque, New Mexico

Maria E. Andrade Boise, Idaho

David D. Murray Newport Beach, California

Jacqueline Baronian Key Gardens, New York

Eva Rivas-Laguarta Troy, Michigan

Larry Riggs New York , New York

Matt Adams Yakima, Washington

John M. A. Burgess San Francisco, California

James Geiger Walnut Creek, California

Janet Gwilym Seattle, Washington

Estelle McKee Ithaca, New York

Jane Wallingford Anchorage, Alaska

Susan Compernolle Chicago, Illinois

Vicki Mayster Sebastopol, California

Eduardo Otero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hattie Curter Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bonita B. Hwang Cho Glenview, Illinois

Leslie K. Dellon Bethesda, Maryland

Magda Montiel Davis Miami, Florida

Michelle Garnett McKenzie Maple Grove, Minnesota

Cheryl Little Coral Gables, Florida

Susan Roche South Portland, Maine

Duane F. Sigelko Chicago, Illinois

Randy Depoo Herndon, Virginia

Jocelyn Davis Singletary Charlotte, North Carolina

Stephen Berman Chicago, Illinois

Eleanor J. Newhoff Cambridge, Massachusetts

Bill Berstein Dallas, Texas

Jon Eric Garde Las Vegas, Nevada

Patsy P. Yung Houston, Texas

Judith A. Bloomberg San Rafael, California

Donald R. Molena Port Clinton, Ohio

Charlotte Blatteis Cordova, Tennessee

Ellen Rosenberg Brooklyn, New York

Alex Elsberg Chicago, Illinois

Javier G. Pineda Hacienda Heights, California

Judy Resnick Far Rockaway, New York

Soheila S. Azizi Rancho Cucamonga, California

Christopher John Stender Phoenix, Arizona

Patrick J. Joyce South Orange, New Jersey

Laura Kelsey Rhodes Rockville, Maryland

Howard Hom Los Angeles, California

Tanvi Tripathi Jersey City, New Jersey

Charles Song Santa Monica, California

Julie Harcum Chicago, Illinois

Gregg Rodgers Seattle, Washington

Martha Saenz Potomac, Maryland

Deborah Anker Cambridge, Massachusetts

Katya Plotnik New York, New York

Karen Musalo San Francisco 

Sidney Ellen Collier Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Robert Flavell Miami, Florida 

Heather Barbus Chicago, Illinois 

Barbara Erlandson Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Andrew Lipkind Williamsville, New York 

Riyadh Cheat Nashville, Tennessee 

Glen M. Krebs Lexington, Kentucky 

John P. Hains Buffalo, New York 

Deirdre M. Giblin Boston, Massachusetts 

David Shahoulian Miami, Florida 

Jasmine A. Majid Atlanta, Georgia 

Steven D. Heller New York, New York

Christine Hilgeman Belmont, Massachusetts

Kimbery A. Zimmerman Boston, Massachusetts

Rosemary Anton Omaha, Nebraska 

Courtland R. LaVallee Buffalo, New York 

Therese Gales St. Paul, Minnesota 

Mark Theiroff St. Paul, Minnesota 

Ron Russel Louisville, Kentucky 

Mary E. Baquero Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Nicole A. Purins Minneapolis, Minnesota

Angela Richards Minneapolis, Minnesota
Erika Anne Kreider Tuscon, Arizona
Carolyn S. Nestingen Minneapolis, Minnesota
Margaret Byrne Duluth, Minnesota
Colleen Beebe St. Paul, Minnesota
Douglas H. Cooner Birmingham, Alabama
Mark T. Kenmore, Buffalo, New York
Terry T. Preshaw, Everatt, Washington
Matthew Oh, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Anitha Rajan,Minneapolis, Minnesota
Linda F. Close, Minneapolis Minnesota
Judy Flanagan, Phoenix, Arizona
J. Ryan Moore, Tucson, Arizona
Nancy Falgout, Houston, Texas
Jay W. Stansell, Seattle, Washington
Vikram K. Badrinath, Tucson, Arizona 
Andrea Siemens, Washington, D.C. 
Erika Anne Kreider, Tucson, Arizona 
Mark Lee, Dallas Texas 
Richard S. Fischer, Nacogdoches, Texas 

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